Spreading the word...

This week's positive feedback is from Michelle Reddick of Indiana, USA.

I am a new believer and am currently, by Gods sovereignty, being given a chance to spread the truth of the Gospel and dismiss the lie of Humanism and Evolution, which, if you ask me, are basically the same things! The lack of an involved Creator, or even prehaps, a lack of a Creator period, is the reason for many of the problems we see today. God bless you all!! I've been looking for a web site like this for a long time. I know that God is sovereign because all of the forces BELOW have tried to stop me from getting here! (Finding the truth that is..) Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord!!! (2 Thess.) By the way, can I receive a News Letter from this organization?? I'd love to spread this web site around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With His Love Michelle

Editor's note:
Thank you, Michelle. May God bless you in your endeavors to 'spread the Truth.' To sign up for e-mail newsletters, click here.