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It’s time to stop the FALLOUT!

CMI produces an inexpensive, but powerful resource to help the church


First published in a CMI newsletter in October 2016
Published: 15 November 2016 (GMT+10)

Dear friends, in my 25+ years of ministry, this newsletter could arguably be the most important—particularly if you, as parents, grandparents, and church leaders respond. It could preserve many, including your loved ones, in the faith.

As you know, CMI conducts hundreds of speaking events each year in the US alone (over 1,000 globally each year). Each international office has a full time Events Department that literally makes thousands of phone calls to churches. Why so many phone calls you might ask? Well, the reality is that many churches particularly those with lots of members, believe that creation is a side issue and that they do not have a problem. But we can vouch from being involved in ministry for over 35 years, that the reality is, they don’t readily recognize they do have a problem, because it mainly occurs after some of their people move away from their church. Perhaps it then becomes someone else’s problem?

Statistics … blah!

Like me, you are probably weary hearing about surveys that show overwhelmingly that the majority of their young people are not remaining in the church after they leave home. For example: US educator Bruce Short, author of The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, wrote: “Contrary to what many Christians have been led to believe, there is no such thing as a ‘neutral’ education. The overwhelming majority of children from evangelical families leave the church within two years after they graduate from high school …1 And even as far back as 1994, Australian Students for Christ chaplain, Craig Tasker noted “This [creation] is a vital subject at uni [college]. Since the institution’s philosophy of education is secular humanism. Thus students are bombarded with it in every lecture as the basic assumption. This constant ‘brainwashing’ destroys the faith of many Christians each year. Our surveys indicate that 80% of first year students believe in a God who is there. By their second year only 15% believe in God.2 And more recently, a confidential survey by Barna Research showed that while still sitting in our pews, 2 out of 3 young ‘Christians’ had already made their minds up they were going to leave the church once they left home.3

Why is the message not getting through?
And why aren’t we doing something about it?

It’s because the foundational problem is not being recognized. While music, entertainment, fun and games may ultimately make church an exciting and interesting place to be, it is the foundational intellectual challenges and doubts about the Christian faith and the Bible that are not being answered. And there is nothing more foundational in the Bible than the early chapters of Genesis—the very chapters that will be attacked the most by secular, higher education, particularly in the sciences where evolution is taught to the exclusion of everything else.

It is all too easy to dismiss surveys as being ‘someone else’s children. But if I had a dollar for every parent who told me that their child no longer goes to church, I’d be a wealthy individual. All CMI speakers record the same experience. How can we change the world for Christ, if we cannot even retain our own next generations?

Do you know a church/leader that sidesteps biblical creation?

Over the last year we embarked an a project to video survey college students on campuses in the US. We targeted those raised in the church. We asked:

  1. Whether they believed in creation or evolution.
  2. Had they ever been exposed to any creation teaching during their church upbringing.
  3. And whether they still attended church or not.

The results showed an obvious and direct correlation between those who had not been exposed to biblical creation and those who had—in some cases just one creation presentation was enough to make the difference. Why? Because it provided a ‘heads up’ about what they will be taught in higher education, and that there is a place to go where they can find answers. In short, letting them know that the Bible could always be trusted despite the barrage of objections they will face.

It is not hard to fix

The surveys showed there is an ‘easy fix’ to avoid the problems teach your young ones creation! You can now view these surveys for yourself and hear first-hand the questions that these students raised, and the answers to same. (Note: We are not saying that creation vs. evolution is the only reason our youth leave the church, but our surveys clearly showed it is a major reason. And obviously, as this issue is the main focus of our ministry, we naturally asked questions in this key area).

Please share this effective 26 minute documentary called FALLOUT! with your church leaders and your youth—let them know that they will be a future statistic too, unless they make an effort to understand the evidence that supports the Bible’s history, and not just in the area of science.

We are making this FALLOUT! DVD available in packs of 10 at prices inexpensive enough (as low as a dollar per DVD in some countries) to give away, because we need you to share them with others to create awareness of the problem, and to help churches do something about it.

References and notes

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Readers’ comments

Lynette E.
I listen to Bible teachers such as Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland etc who are on free TV and they seem to have their own creation message ie they haven't heard of dinosaurs and humans being together in Garden of Eden nor that there was no death or destruction before fall of man in Garden of Eden. Benny Hinn has numerous Christians interviewed each week but I haven't heard of a creationist being interviewed about how the world started. If our main Bible teachers aren't agreeing on how the world started then how can those listening to them know for sure what is being preached is correct. I've emailed Benny Hinn ministries once about getting a creationist/CMI speaker on but no reply. The word 'replenish' in Genesis 1:28 seems to allude them to thinking that there was something else happening to the world before the 6 days of creation. Why don't these other Bible teachers believe what your ministry is preaching? is my main concern.
Gary Bates
Lynette, I would not be comfortable in calling these 'preachers' you mentioned as 'main Bible teachers'. But I suppose that depend upon what one means as a Bible teacher. I tend to think of such teachers as more expository in their approach rather than just 'preachers. However, I think you provided the answer yourself. My own personal view is that if someone cannot get something as basic and straightforward as to the straightforward language and plain meaning of Genesis, then they simply don't cut it as a biblical authority for me. Some might disagree with me, and that's fine, but as someone who's been trying to convince Christians of this for over 25 years, and the fact that we have so much information to support that view now than we've ever had before, Genesis has really become my litmus test as to who I will read or listen to as a biblical authority.
Robert C.
It's not just the young who have left the church.
I've spent 40 plus years trying to have an impact and it's like throwing grains of sand against a 30 foot wave. From someone who has been in the trench, let me confirm to you that no one has wanted to hear the message, so I have given up on the church. I take my talents to every venue out side of church that I can find, but, have no desire to darken those doors again.
I would like to know why it is for " as low as 1.00 per copy" in some countries. Why not every where?
Gary Bates
There are several factors that cause a difference in pricing between our international offices. I'll just mention a couple as you may be under the impression that there is some sort of international 'head office' that controls all the offices. Some of our offices are much smaller in size than others and it is uneconomic for them to press DVDs or publish books as the low print run would increase the per copy price significantly. Therefore, a larger office, like the US, for example, prints and presses a much larger volume on the basis it supplies copies to some of our other offices, enabling them to opportunity to 'buy in' at a much better price than if they tried to press themselves. The price variance is often due to exchange rates when purchasing from another office. Exchange rates vary a great deal and is something that is beyond our control. Also, the other offices are financially independent and autonomous to one another and they have the freedom to set their sell price as they see fit, and this might be for all sorts of local economic reasons also. The Fallout campaign was a US initiative, and it is up to the individual countries whether to partake of it and even offer it to their constituents if they want to.
Ken R.
This article comes at an appropriate time; four days before Dominic Statham and Phil Robinson speak at a CMI conference in Dublin. One of the topics is 'The Age of the Earth and why it Matters.' Please pray that many of those invited to the conference will attend.
J. D.
I will have to add to the sad side of your trend with part of my testimony. I met a Christian group in my early years of university, and a good friend I met there gave me a 'Creation Answers' book on my first camp with them, and that was 7 years ago; a time my faith was on much shakier ground. I'm still in the church, and active in a range of ministries both there and elsewhere.
I also have 3 sisters. We have all now been through either or both of the state and university systems, yet none of them attend church anymore. Nor does my mother- perhaps the saddest part of my story of all- though she raised me Christian in my early years, she has now become an atheist. I have also been mocked at family gatherings for standing up for a plain view of Genesis; and though I engaged peacefully and honestly, an immediate response from one of them compared my views to thinking the earth was flat. What I do find the saddest about my own story is it seems I'm not alone. I just hope the western church makes the connection soon, or more of this generational rot is going to set in and to leave us with a whole bunch of empty pews. I guess all we can do for a lot of the broader social issues is pray. God Bless your ministry's role here, as I have my doubts that I would still be in church either without it. Many Thanks. J. D

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