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Creation magazine graphics


Photographs and/or CDs may be sent to:


The Editor, Creation magazine
P.O. Box 4545,
Eight Miles Plains, QLD, 4118,

Please include a Photo Permission form

Summary: We prefer colour TIFF, JPEG or PSD files at 300 dpi and/or with image size of at least 1200 pixels wide.  Anything less will probably not be good enough for printing, especially at a reasonable size. Also see Image Quality.

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We source or create most of the graphics for Creation magazine ourselves, but if you are a writer submitting an article and you wish to know our requirements for images, please read on.

Before submitting illustrations or photos, please click here to download and complete our Photo Permission form to be mailed with your images. This signed form covers the photos you are currently sending plus ones you supply in the future.

Electronic photos should not be embedded into a Word document as this reduces their quality (Word uses compression to make the document file smaller).  Figures and Illustrations should be supplied electronically as high resolution TIFF (*.TIF) or JPEG (*.JPG) files OR in the file format of the program they were originally created in (eg. *.CDR [Corel Draw], *.PSD [Adobe Photoshop], *.AI [Adobe Illustrator]).  If you must use Word or Excel to create figures or graphs, please do not embed pictures into the document; use only the drawing tools and text boxes in Word.  These can then be corrected (if necessary), converted directly to PDF and placed into our layout software.

Figures and illustrations should be sent in colour with a resolution of 300 dpi and a minimum size of 100 mm x 100 mm when printed (approx. 1200 pixels wide on-screen). 

Hard-copy photographs are acceptable provided they have good contrast and intensity, and are submitted as sharp, glossy copies or as 35 mm slides or as scanned high resolution digital images (eg. a 300 dpi 1800 x 1200 pixel *.JPG). 

  • Computer print-outs are not acceptable.   
  • Screen captures are not ideal as they are usually not very high quality.

Figures should be numbered according to their sequence in the text.  References should be made in the text to each figure. 


Each figure or illustration should have a self-explanatory caption.  The captions should be collected together at the end of the document file for the article.  If you do not supply images, you may be asked to submit suggestions and possible sources of non-copyright material. 


Copyright ownership for each and every graphic must be specified and any relevant permissions and or credit requirements given in writing. 

If you are not the copyright owner, we need written permission (preferably on our Photo Permission form) from the copyright owner.  Sometimes fair use may apply, but usually only if the image itself or the subject of the image is being directly and specifically analysed in the article. 

If you are the copyright owner, your submission of a graphic along with an article will be taken to grant us permission to use the image in Creation magazine and also any other publications or on our website, unless you specify otherwise.  If supplying a photo of a person’s face, (i.e. their face is clearly visible and identifiable) we need to have their signature(s) on our Photo Permission Form in addition to the copyright owner’s.

File Sizes

File sizes for each individual graphic should not exceed 20 mb (preferably less than 5 mb).  Anything larger than 20 mb is probably unnecessary, unless it is for a front cover or similar.


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