The Summertime Noah's Ark and Dinosaur Tour

Dinosaurs and Noah's Ark& - coming to Southeastern US

August–September 2013

Book Rusty

As part of CMI’s summertime outreach, dynamic and passionate speaker Rusty Fulp will ‘hit-the-road’ touring Southeastern US throughout all of August, 2013.

With a great love for teaching on creation and the authority of Scripture, you can bring Rusty to your church this summer& - contact us or call 1-800-616-1264 to book your event now!

Families will be totally fascinated with the scale model of Noah's Ark and dinosaur models he brings to your event.


Find out how:

  • To give a logical and reasonable defense of the Christian faith.
  • To immunize your family against the prevailing evolutionary indoctrination in our society.
  • To help prevent the tragic exodus of young people from the church.
  • Beliefs about where we came from determine your overall worldview, your behavior, and where you think we go when we die.
  • A biblical worldview, including a 6-day creation event only 6,000 years ago, is a strong defensible scientific alternative to the prevailing evolutionary model.

Meeting details:


An extensive range of creation resources will be available at all meetings.

All meetings are free—voluntary offerings may be taken.

This is a great outreach opportunity so remember to bring your friends!

To inquire about hosting a CMI meeting,
please contact us or phone an events manager on
1-800-616-1264 Ext 204 & 205

It has been said that “Information is power”. When it comes to creation information we’d have to agree. Keep the ‘powerful’ evidence for God being Creator coming. Support this site

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