Supporter appreciates free materials

I am a long time reader of Answers In Genesis. Between you and Institute for Creation Research, I can find answers to nearly all of my questions.

Your articles are very informative and easy to read. Many a time I've sent an article to others - sometimes creationists, sometimes family, sometimes non-creationists. What impresses me the most is the availability of information and research. Your articles are well researched and well thought through - and free. This is very impressive. I do not see this in many other ministries. There are times I was studying a passage or particular biblical doctrine and wanted some insight. I'd write a ministry and ask if they had articles on it, and gotten replies like, "All you have to do is by our book." One specific well known ministry actually came out and said that their interest was in the copyright protection of the teacher - above providing his teaching to those with questions. I was told that if I wanted to know how this teacher interpreted this passage, I could buy his commentary, otherwise, I'm on my own.

AiG does not do this, and that impresses me. There are many people like me who are not financially able to pay the cost of the material. And I know, like with the Bible studies, the Holy Spirit teaches. I made due without the material from this teacher. It the Holy Spirit upon whom I lean, and it is from Him that I learn. But God has given many teachers to His church, and I believe you are among them. And your goal is to spread the Gospel and teach God's people. This appears to be a higher priority than protecting your copyrights.

This gives insight to your heart, and to where your trust lies. Scientific research and staffing must be very expensive. To trust God that those using your material will be upright and honor your copyrights, shows a deep faith and trust in the sovereign Creator. Additionally, this is potentially lost income, so you must trust Him that He will provide the funds you need. I thank the Lord for ministries like AiG and ICR.

D. E.

Published: 3 February 2006