Susan Jones

Susan Jones


Susan graduated with a B.Sc. in Physics and a PGCE teaching qualification from Southampton University. For over 15 years, she taught physics, chemistry, and biology at both private and state secondary schools. She also has experience teaching students of junior school age.

A Christian for over 30 years, Susan is the Director of Creation Family Science (UK) which she founded in 2011. She is passionate about communicating her faith in God and enthusiasm for science—and how good science supports the Bible.

Her discovery sessions for children and young teens are designed to build up their faith in our Creator God and enhance their confidence in the Bible as His Word of Truth; informative yet fun. Peter, a grateful father whose family took part in a creation event in October 2019, testified: “I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic session. All my family enjoyed and benefited greatly. The experiments were great and you showed a very fair and even handed approach when talking about observable science or historical science.”

Susan’s sessions at CMI’s Humans: God’s Grand Design conference (October 2020) were greatly appreciated, even though COVID lockdowns meant the conference had to be done online:

  • Not all science is the same
  • Rocks & Fossils: Evidence for Noah’s Flood (conference recording shown below)
  • Inside Your Cells & Your Amazing DNA.