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Professing Christians: ‘the Bible isn’t factual’
29 Nov 2014
Answering religious critics who deny that Genesis gives reliable history.
by Keaton Halley
Is Genesis infallible?
22 Nov 2014
Can we trust that the creation narrative in Genesis is actual history?
by Lita Sanders
Scientific ‘fact’, the Word of God and understanding
02 Nov 2014
Some Christians accuse creationists of being too argumentative. Is the criticism justified?
by Carl Wieland
The geological column and millions of years
19 Oct 2014
Are they essential for mineral exploration?
by Tas Walker
Missing the link between Darwin and racism
12 Oct 2014
Despite the evidence, many evolutionists deny that racist attitudes reached new levels because of Darwin’s ideas.
by Warren Nunn
Abandon YEC and reconcile the Bible to evolution?
05 Oct 2014
Make peace with Evolution? And what did leading medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas believe about creation days and Adam and Eve?
by Jonathan Sarfati
Meaning, and why does God allow suffering?
27 Sep 2014
How do we know that there is objective meaning in the world? And why would a loving God allow suffering?
by Lita Sanders
Did something precede creation week, and why did God introduce suffering?
20 Sep 2014
Answering the questions: Did the universe exist before creation week? And why did God introduce suffering with the Fall?
by Gary Bates
‘What if Jesus tells you you’re wrong?’
07 Sep 2014
A correspondent asks, ‘What if you get to heaven and Jesus tells you that you were wrong?’
by Lita Sanders
The essential doctrine of the Trinity
30 Aug 2014
Does the Bible really teach that there is one God in three Persons?
by Lita Sanders
Hinduism and other religions
16 Aug 2014
Is there a difference between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? And what about Buddhism?
by Lita Sanders
Playing mind games with our brains
10 Aug 2014
Does the fact that our instincts, emotions and reasoning are each controlled by separate components of our brain give evidence of its evolutionary development?
by Carl Wieland