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Evidence for an old earth?
03 Aug 2014
Does the Bible really teach a 6,000 year old creation? And is there good evidence that the earth is older than that?
by Lita Sanders
The Gospel and Transsexuals
27 Jul 2014
How should Christians love transsexual people?
by Lita Sanders
Was Adam more guilty than Eve?
26 Jul 2014
We discuss whether the Bible says that either Adam or Eve was more guilty than the other.
by Russell Grigg
Oxidizable carbon ratio dating
20 Jul 2014
What is it? And is it evidence against the Bible’s age of the earth?
by Tas Walker
Why would Christians be hostile to biblical creation?
13 Jul 2014
There are many different reasons.
by Shaun Doyle
Taking the Bible seriously?
06 Jul 2014
Is our authority God’s Word or secular uniformitarian ‘science’? Taking the Bible ‘seriously’ means taking it as God’s Word according to its original meaning.
by Jonathan Sarfati
How did the earth recover after the flood?
29 Jun 2014
Would volcanic dust and ash block the sunlight? And would salt cover the continents?
by Tas walker, Michael Oard
A hard time finding God
22 Jun 2014
The ‘evidence’ David Attenborough and others present for evolution has caused a reader to question his faith.
by Carl Wieland
Why did Jesus have to die?
14 Jun 2014
If only the sinful die, why did Jesus?
by Lita Sanders
Keeping debates on topic
08 Jun 2014
Tips on how to keep debates with friends on origins on topic.
by Shaun Doyle
Adam and Eve: their lifespans and eternal destinies
07 Jun 2014
Answering questions about the length of time before the Fall and where Adam and Eve will spend eternity.
by Keaton Halley
Can CMI refute … ?
01 Jun 2014
CMI is often asked to give a refutation of various TV shows and other media. Why don’t we always?
by Lita Sanders