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Is ‘devolution’ offensive to God?
31 May 2014
CMI consigned to hell for proposing loss through mutational degeneration.
by CW [A1]
Should we be open-minded?
25 May 2014
Should Christians embrace teachings from other religions?
by Lita Sanders
Blinkered scientists look past the obvious
24 May 2014
A correspondent tells of shellfish and seaside aromas emanating from limestone when broken open to reveal beautifully preserved bivalve shells.
by David Catchpoole, Warren Nunn
Responses to an apostate friend
18 May 2014
A supporter gets answers to questions raised by a friend who abandoned his faith and his understanding of creation and embraced evolution.
by Jonathan Sarfati
Why is Jesus crucial for Creation?
17 May 2014
Some Jews and Muslims are creationists, too. So why do we emphasize the Gospel?
by Lita Sanders
Is geology tainted by bias?
10 May 2014
A critic claims that geologists are not biased when it comes to interpreting the age of the earth.
by Gary Bates
Why is theistic evolution so problematic?
04 May 2014
Dialogue with a long-time theistic evolutionary objector to our material highlights the problems and dangers of theistic evolution.
by Carl Wieland
What is our motivation?
03 May 2014
What is our reason for engaging in apologetics? And why should we thank God?
by Lita Sanders
The Paracas skulls: they’re not aliens (or nephilim)!
27 Apr 2014
Unsurprisingly, these skulls are not aliens, even though some people want you to think they are.
by Lita Sanders
Answering moral nihilism
26 Apr 2014
Is God’s definition of ‘good’ arbitrary?
by Lita Sanders
‘Race mixing’ and animal hybrids—condemned by God?
19 Apr 2014
Answering a critic who says that it is wrong to create animal hybrids and that God is opposed to interracial marriage.
by Keaton Halley
Craters, radiohalos, and ‘geologic time’
13 Apr 2014
Just because a long-ager claims something doesn’t make it so.
by Tas Walker, Jonathan Sarfati