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Does the Bible trump all evidence?
06 Apr 2014
Should creationists stick with their views no matter what the evidence says?
by Keaton Halley
The reality of suffering, and the Gospel confronting culture
29 Mar 2014
The Gospel inevitably changes the cultures it encounters–and that’s a good thing.
by Lita Sanders
The watchers and genetic diversity
22 Feb 2014
Is there genetic evidence of the Nephilim? And does the genetic diversity of animals today match what we would expect from the biblical account?
by Rob Carter
What was Adam’s sin?
09 Feb 2014
Adam’s sin: deliberately choosing to disobey God and so putting his own authority above God’s.
by Russell Grigg
Did Adam sin out of love for Eve?
26 Jan 2014
Correspondents take CMI to task over our ‘attitude’ to Adam.
by Russell Grigg
The ‘big bang’ and other dark matters
25 Jan 2014
How should creationists respond to claims that dark matter has been found?
by John Hartnett
Breeding unicorns
19 Jan 2014
Are there any limits to the production of hybrid animals?
by Keaton Halley
Why so many planets?
18 Jan 2014
Can populated planets arise by chance, and are empty planets a waste of space?
by Keaton Halley
The spiritual death of the Adam tribe?
12 Jan 2014
Do the ‘years’ of Genesis 5 actually refer to generations?
by Shaun Doyle
Is ‘the ultimate curse’ the result of ‘the sin of Adam and Eve’?
11 Jan 2014
A reader questions ‘omitting’ Adam’s helpmate from blame for the world’s tragic condition.
by Russell Grigg
Is creation apologetics a problem?
05 Jan 2014
Does biblical creation distract from the Gospel?
by Lita Sanders
An ‘old-earth’ answer provides only problems
04 Jan 2014
An old-earth fails to deal with the major point raised in a CMI article. In fact, he actually makes the point and ignores four fundamental problems.
by Gary bates