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Questions about Mormon theology
07 Feb 2015
Are Mormons right to claim their understanding of the Genesis account is an acceptable exegesis?
by Scott Gillis and Shaun Doyle
When did animals become carnivorous?
08 Jun 2024
The Bible is clear that humans were only permitted to eat meat after Noah’s Flood but is less clear on whether animals were eating each other before the Flood.
by Jonathan Sarfati
What was Adam’s sin?
09 Feb 2014
Adam’s sin: deliberately choosing to disobey God and so putting his own authority above God’s.
by Russell Grigg
Adam and Eve: their lifespans and eternal destinies
07 Jun 2014
Answering questions about the length of time before the Fall and where Adam and Eve will spend eternity.
by Keaton Halley
Did Adam sin out of love for Eve?
26 Jan 2014
Correspondents take CMI to task over our ‘attitude’ to Adam.
by Russell Grigg
‘Race mixing’ and animal hybrids—condemned by God?
19 Apr 2014
Answering a critic who says that it is wrong to create animal hybrids and that God is opposed to interracial marriage.
by Keaton Halley
Why so many planets?
18 Jan 2014
Can populated planets arise by chance, and are empty planets a waste of space?
by Keaton Halley
Missing the link between Darwin and racism
12 Oct 2014
Despite the evidence, many evolutionists deny that racist attitudes reached new levels because of Darwin’s ideas.
by Warren Nunn
The Paracas skulls: they’re not aliens (or nephilim)!
27 Apr 2014
Unsurprisingly, these skulls are not aliens, even though some people want you to think they are.
by Lita Sanders
Evidence for an old earth?
03 Aug 2014
Does the Bible really teach a 6,000 year old creation? And is there good evidence that the earth is older than that?
by Lita Sanders
An ‘old-earth’ answer provides only problems
04 Jan 2014
An old-earth fails to deal with the major point raised in a CMI article. In fact, he actually makes the point and ignores four fundamental problems.
by Gary bates
Was Adam more guilty than Eve?
26 Jul 2014
We discuss whether the Bible says that either Adam or Eve was more guilty than the other.
by Russell Grigg