# Article Title
1 Wheel comes poor second to froglegs
2 Baptist school afraid of creation
3 Dinosaurs: Phylogenetic Chart
4 Gerald Schroeder and his new variation on the 'day-age' theory: Part 1
5 Gerald Schroeder and a new variation on the 'day-age' theory: Part 2
6 How I became a creationist
7 The Human Genome Project: how should we view it?
8 Morals decline linked to belief in evolution
9 Did cells acquire organelles such as mitochondria by gobbling up other cells?
10 PCA day fray
11 Professor at Baptist university calls intelligent design "dumb" (Baylor)
12 New center at Harvard to promote evolution!
13 Time magazine gets it wrong again!
14 X-amining X-Men
15 The Scopes Trial … what’s the big deal?
16 Anti-creationists threaten another teacher's liberty
17 Were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? Welcome AFA Journal subscribers!
18 The speed of light R
19 Muzzled in Minnesota!
20 Omitting the "sin" word
21 Science teacher awaits appeal on the teaching of evolution in his class
22 Making man out of monkeys
23 If we resemble apes, does that mean we evolved from apes?
24 Anti-creationists receive an "F-" grade
25 Making monkeys out of man
26 Robotic folly
27 Still the most asked question …
28 Pre-Flood relics on the bottom of the Black Sea?
29 The Bible according to NBC
30 Dinosaur heart update: just a lump of mud?
31 Another 'missing link' takes flight
32 Creationists take old bacterium with a grain of salt
33 Moon microbes?
34 Ark Ahoy!
35 'Mr Ice Age' solves woolly mammoth mystery
36 Why should we listen to you?
37 The "evidence" for a biblical worldview
38 Creationism in Canada slammed by CBC
39 Water on Mars?
40 Another 'living fossil' tree
41 Which came first—the dino or the bird?
42 Were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark
43 'Out of Africa'? A brief response …
44 Hugh Ross lays down the gauntlet!
45 A cordial invitation to Prison Fellowship/BreakPoint Ministries …
46 Evangelist rejects God!
47 Make no bones about it! R
48 Network Blasts Christianity
49 'Sue' the T. rex: another 'missionary lizard'
50 Education Week needs educating!
51 Scientist modifies big bang theory!
52 Near death experiences? What should Christians think?
53 Baylor bailout?
54 Water on Mars: A Creationist Response
55 The universe is finely tuned for life
56 Starlight Wars: Starlight and Time withstands attacks
57 Dr Humphreys responds to criticism of his book Starlight and Time
58 New evidence for a rotating cosmos
59 More on the 'Rotating Cosmos'!
60 The speed of light
61 A Review of Dr Russ Humphreys’ A Young-Earth Relativistic Cosmology
62 Commentary on The Lost World
63 Creationists attacked in Ireland!
64 New eyes for blind cave fish?
65 "Obviously, somebody got to them" …
66 Walking with ... untruths!
67 You don't "fit" dinosaurs with the Bible!
68 An 'unbalanced' view of Earth!
69 Fascinating four-chambered fossil find!
70 "Stolen children" controversy has evolutionary tie!
71 College instructor who refused to teach evolution as fact is dismissed!
72 Pastor prefers the profane over Pandas and People!
73 Why creationists should rejoice at two skulls found
74 Universe (or should that be the big bang?) falls flat!
75 Creation, evolution, and Harvard!
76 Flat universe—shaky, not stirring news!
77 Genesis correctly predicts Y-Chromosome pattern
78 Disney's Dinosaur debuts!
79 Movie review: Disney’s Dinosaur—deadly drama and dabs of Darwinism!
80 days before sun
81 Inscriptions on the Cross
82 From the start, the fix was in
83 Chimps as smart as preschoolers?
84 The Amazing Cell – evidence for creation and against evolution!
85 New monkey clone?
86 Evolution out of the curriculum, but in the tests
87 Hox (homeobox) genes—evolution’s saviour?
88 Archaeoraptor: Phony 'feathered' fossil
89 Scientists for Creation
90 Abortion: The answer's in Genesis
91 Loopholes in the evolutionary theory of the origin of life: Summary
92 Jesus Christ our Creator: A biblical defence of the Trinity
93 A 'missing link' in science conference!
94 Pacific Northwest heats up with evolution controversies!
95 'Nature' Essay Warms Up to Religion!
96 Archaeoraptor hoax update—National Geographic recants!
97 Bob Jones University applauded for removing ban on inter-racial marriage
98 Father of modern creationist revival recognized
99 Snakes with legs? A preliminary reply
100 Micro-primates ... a transitional form or just heel-bone hype?
101 Archaeopteryx (unlike Archaeoraptor) is NOT a hoax - it is a true bird, not a 'missing link'
102 Religion award goes to agnostic!
103 New evidence: Lucy was a knuckle-walker
104 Yet another birdosaur claim?!
105 The end of the world is not April 6 (or May 5)!
106 May 5—not the end of the world!
107 Curious, George: Do Americans literally believe that the Bible is 'literally' true?
108 Bruce Willis and the Gallup Poll—an alarming trend!
109 Templeton Prize: A "regress" or progress in religion?
110 National Geographic backs down—sort of!
111 Creationist molecular biologist and microbiologist: Dr Ian Macreadie
112 What Happened?
113 How to build a 'bomb' in the United States Public School System (cartoon)
114 The ‘missing link’ to school violence?
115 Does the Bible clearly teach monogamy?
116 What’s wrong with ‘progressive creation’?
117 Here's the scoop—what's really in the standards!
118 "Up From the Apes" - Time magazine, August 23, 1999
120 Federal court says: It’s okay to pray (in public school)!
121 Reach America & Refute Evolution!
122 Dr. Jack Cuozzo on 700 Club!
123 Chopping out the 'E-word?' Kentucky Education Department science draft draws fire. But what is all t
124 GUEST COLUMN: Whose religion is central to evolution debate?
125 Yet another new 'feathered' dinosaur?
126 Here we go again! West Virginia county school board considers controversial resolution
127 Creationist research needs YOU!
128 " . . . sensationalistic, unsubstantiated, tabloid journalism."
129 The Leonid Meteor Shower: Evidence for a young universe!
130 It's time for TIME to get it right!
131 Proof of Noah's Flood at the Black Sea?
132 Support grows for Oklahoma's disclaimer about evolution
133 University becomes a hot-bed of anti-creationism!
134 Here's the Good News 2000
135 Biography
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