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The Creation Answers Book
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Thanks for the ‘solid stuff with backbone’

My husband and I first heard Dr Carl Wieland speak at the church we were attending in Singapore, in 1994. I was already familiar with the creation ministry and their materials, but it took that very convincing lecture and a few more materials to win over my husband, as well. We have both been hooked ever since!

We are now living in Mudgee, and were pleased to hear of the visit of the Creation Bus to this town earlier in the year. We were also saddened by the very few people who attended the lecture given in the evening. It had been advertised in our church bulletin, and we encouraged several people in our congregation to attend.

I am just blown away by the attitude that most Christains we have met here have regarding the creation issue—that six literal days is not the point, and that pushing the point is being devisive.

We had been in Asia for seven years before returning to live in Australia. We have been dumbstruck by the lethargy and wishy-washy teaching we have experienced in churches here since our return. We are thankful for the materials that you supply—solid stuff with backbone!

I pray that more and more pastors and teachers will take up the banner of your teaching and run with it. This country needs no-compromise teaching that points directly to God the creator and His Son, Jesus Christ! Keep up the terrific work!




6,000 years of earth history. That's a long time in our opinion! Over 10,000 free web articles on That's a lot of information! Take advantage of this free information but please support CMI as God provides. Thank you. Support this site

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