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Lesson 1
Lesson 2
What is astronomy?
Lesson 3
How big is the universe?
Lesson 4
The origin of the universe
Lesson 5
Watching the sky
Lesson 6
Why did God create the heavenly bodies?
Lesson 7
Space exploration
Lesson 8
A Tour of the Solar System
Lesson 9
A Tour of the Solar System—The Sun and the Moon
Lesson 10
Stars and galaxies
Lesson 11
Cosmic Catastrophes
Lesson 12
Catastrophes in the Solar System
Lesson 13
Are there other planets in the Solar System?
Author: Dr. Jonathan Henry

For thousands of years, people have gazed at the night sky and the bright

morning and wondered, ‘What’s out there?’. Our universe is so vast and

awe-inspiring that to learn about it is to learn about ourselves. The

Astronomy Book will show you: 

What long-ago astronomers thought about other worlds

Solar system facts

How constellations relate to astrology

The history of space exploration

Whether black holes exist

The origin and age of the moon

Why Mars doesn’t support life

The composition of stars

Supernova remnants

The myth of star birth

Asteroid legends and the extinction of the dinosaurs

Whether planets outside our solar system could be home to intelligent life

What UFOs are

The age of comets and meteor showers

Hardcover. (Junior High–Adult) 80 pages.

The Astronomy Book
by Dr Jonathan Henry

Lesson 4

The origin of the universe


The Astronomy Book


pp. 14-17


Psalm 33 (memorize verse 6)
Genesis 1

Vocabulary Words

  • Cosmic evolution
  • Big bang


  1. Use the glossary (pp. 77-78) to define the vocabulary words.
  2. Discuss the scientific and Biblical problems with accepting cosmic evolution.
  3. When did God make moons and planets?
  4. Is the ‘Solar System’ mentioned in the Bible?
  5. Which aspects of astronomy fall under the realm of ‘operational science’? Which come under ‘origins science’? (See Naturalism, Origin and Operation Science for more information.)
  6. Discuss the Biblical and scientific problems with the ‘big bang’ idea. (See ‘What are some problems with the "big bang" theory?’ under Q&A: Astronomy for more information.)

Additional information:

The Astronomy Book mentions a phenomenon called ‘red shift’ but doesn’t (at this point) discuss it. For more information on ‘red shift’, see these articles: