The Bible according to NBC

October 9, 2000

On the heels of its recent miniseries, “Noah’s Ark,” NBC is planning a November release of its interpretation of Genesis and Exodus. “In the Beginning” is being promoted as a more accurate presentation of the biblical account than its predecessor, which included such gross aberrations as Noah dwelling in Sodom with Lot.

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The Genesis Record

The Genesis Record
Dr. Henry M. Morris

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The network (whose initials some have said stand for No Biblical Content) assures us that it consulted Bible scholars, but it is not likely that they were conservatives who would support a natural interpretation of the Scriptures. We will be interested to see what the treatment of the 6 days of creation will be and how the Fall of man is interpreted. If indeed NBC remains true to the biblical text, they would have to portray a literal 6-day creation, just as the Bible says. If they consulted religious materialist evolutionists, theistic evolutionists, gap theorists, progressive creationists, and day-agers, they’ll have to come up with some creative compromises. Will they show apes-to-Adam, or death and bloodshed as Adam and Eve evolve from fish, or Satan destroying the earth before God re-creates it? Probably not, because those things simply are not in the biblical account!

If indeed the Fall of man is treated as disobedience and rebellion against God, the sinful consequences of which infect all humanity and history, then religious moderates and liberals will likely appeal against such “hurtful” notions. Interestingly, the 4-hour miniseries will not include the accounts of Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, or the Tower of Babel, all of which happen to demonstrate the judgment of God against sin and rebellion. It is likely that the overall emphasis of the movie will be to glorify the sinfulness of man which the Bible so openly portrays, and which makes for “good” TV, without touching on the consequences of that sin, which the Bible also portrays with brutal reality.

If you watch this program, we recommend that you do so with spiritual discernment. Images are powerful things, and TV producers know that. They can make lasting impressions on you and your children, and can be used by Satan to further confuse a biblically illiterate world. Why not treat your family to a biblically accurate and fascinating video from Answers in Genesis? We have videos that appeal to adults, children and families alike. Please see the video selection in our bookstore on this website today!

Published: 15 February 2006