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The Bible is morally bankrupt?

25 June 2004
On this question of morality—I accept evolution as a valid scientific theory …

Why? It has never been repeated. I have never seen any research indicating that one kind of life-form has been observed to change into another kind of life-form. Nor has anyone demonstrated that life can form from non-living chemicals. If it can’t be repeated, how can it be a valid scientific theory, at least in the operational sense of the science that put men on the moon and cures diseases? Please see Argument: Creationism is religion, not science, ‘It’s not science, If you are truly scientists … and Evolution is religion—not science (ICR).

… and I am still a moral person.

What do you mean by moral? Do you mean the morals in the Bible? Why would you follow the morals of the Bible (such as not murdering, not lying, not stealing, etc.) if you think it is morally bankrupt? I’ve talked with evolutionists who think murder, lying and theft is moral. Is this the type of morals you are referring to? Even leading evolutionists admit there is no reason to be moral. Please see this frank admission by two evolutionists, including Dawkins: Evolution: no morality.

It is the Bible which is morally bankrupt.

Where? The Bible is clear when something is wrong, it is wrong. And again, on what grounds do you claim the Bible is immoral? Where do you get your morality if you believe we are just rearranged pond scum? Sure, you can be a ‘moral’ person, but does this morality reflect an objective standard of right and wrong rather than an evolutionary convenience?

It is the Bible which permits incest,

What are you talking about? It permits no such thing (if you mean a modern word with connotations of father-daughter abuse). Incest is only wrong because the Bible says it is.

But if you mean that the earliest descendants of Adam had to practice brother-sister intermarriage, how can you be so judgmental? As an evolutionist, you have no reason to think it is good or bad unless you trust the Bible. And God prohibited brother-sister intermarriage only at the time of Moses, by which time the human race had accumulated a large mutational load. See Cain’s wife—who was she? and Cain’s wife explanation ‘gross and disgusting’?


As you have failed to realize, mentioning isn’t advocating. And once more, two evolutionists wrote a book explaining that rape was in our genes as a way to help themselves propagate. One of the authors was tied in knots trying to justify, under his evolutionary perspective, why rape was morally wrong. See this interview Rape and evolution: Evolution shows its true colours.


I think you mean genocide of the wicked. God warned each nation that if they sin against Him, they will be judged, even the Jewish nation. Why do you think injustice should go unpunished? Perhaps you should learn more about God. Please read Genesis 18:23–33. And see the historical context, e.g. Extermination of the Amalekites and Extermination of the Canaanites from the Christian Thinktank website.

Conversely, the worst examples of genocide come from the evolutionary regimes like Nazi Germany (see The Holocaust and evolution), Pol Pot’s Cambodia, the Communist Chinese in Tibet and the belief that the Australian Aborigines were closer to the apes (see Darwin’s Bodysnatchers: People deliberately killed to provide ‘specimens’ for evolutionary research).


You need to understand the historical context of biblical ‘slavery’ as indentured servitude—see Does God condone slavery in the Bible? As far as modern slavery was concerned, the abolitionists were motivated by biblical concerns. The church had always condemned slavery (but wasn’t usually listened to), while the pro-slavers told the abolitionists to leave their religion out of public life (sounds familiar, doesn’t it!). See The Bible vs slavery and apartheid.


I only know of war against the wicked that God supported. Again, God warned each nation that if they sin against Him, they will be judged, even the Jewish nation. Why do you think injustice should go unpunished? Why do you oppose the war against Hitler?

and suicide.

Please see Euthanasia: hospital humanism.

The Bible is full of stories where the hero commits these acts with Gods blessing.


The Bible is full of history such as the recording of man’s misdeeds. The Bible is unique among ancient literature in reporting the flaws of even the greatest heroes (except there were no flaws to report about the sinless God-man, Jesus Christ). Even you have fallen short of the glory of God as have we all. But the recording of misdeeds by fallible men against God is in no way a reflection of a perfect God or His Word.

Published: 3 February 2006