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‘The continual evolutionary hype’

Dear AiG,

Several items. First, I want to tell you that I am very impressed with the quality of your presentation, with the media savvy with which you present your case, and the quality and clarity of your responses to evolutionary questions. I deeply appreciate the calm, ‘let’s get the facts straight’ approach, along with the high caliber of your analysis and critique of pro-evolutionary arguments and of the continual evolutionary hype that comes our way by way of the popular media. Your timely responses to media articles (in recent months, US News, fossil finds, etc.) are deeply appreciated.

I recently registered for your Creation Conference 2003 in Indiana. Today I sent out 65 letters to pastors in my denomination (The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) throughout all of North Dakota and part of Montana, and included a letter encouraging their participation, along with a brochure for the conference.

Keep up the excellent work. It is my hope that we will begin to see AiG as a definite and consistent resource in our church body, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (one which wholeheartedly confesses a 6-day creation). Thank you for giving such keen analysis and clear data to support the confession of a 6-day creation and the horrible consequences of evolutionary thinking. You are a marvelous resource.

Pastor Reinke

With more information than ever before, Christians can stand tall because the Word of God is real, authoritative and accurate. Your support is vital in keeping this site going and growing. Support this site

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