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Creation 12(4):4, September 1990

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The Genesis family muggings


Convicted murderer Ted Bundy was executed in Florida early in 1989 for murdering 28 women and girls. Before his death he chillingly told author Dr. James Dobson of his addiction to pornography from the age of 12. Bundy warned that more of his kind of viciousness would erupt as people were exposed to pornography. He confessed that at least 28 families tragically paid the price of his addiction to porn.

Pornography ruins families and societies. It hits at the basest human emotion and inflames it like dry leaves dumped on a forest fire. A little is always too much. Pornography is a direct attack on the family that God created. It defiles the married state as defined by God, and entices the human desire to sexual expression outside marriage. Yet governments are being lobbied heavily to lift restrictions on pornography.

Former porn video star Linda Lovelace is now a fighter against pornography. Lovelace became an instant star through the film Deep Throat. She spent only three and a half weeks in the porn industry. In the few weeks she spent making Deep Throat, she says she was exploited, physically and mentally beaten and bruised, threatened with guns, and told that her family would suffer if she caused trouble. Psychiatrists have said that the only difference between her story and others is that she has lived to tell about it.

Linda Lovelace is now a mentally scarred mother. She has spent the past 11 years trying to warn a largely uncaring world about the cold and callous world of pornography. Through an emotional letter read out loud to members of the Australian Capital Territory’s House of Assembly by independent member Dennis Stevenson on 14 February 1990, Lovelace pleaded for an end to the X-rated video industry.

‘How many times will women be molested and photographed for videos and sex magazines?’ she asks. ‘How many times will we allow children to be influenced by pornography and photographed for sex magazines? Do you think people get those [pornographic] ideas from watching Gone With the Wind or Walt Disney’s Bambi?’

The family unit established by our Creator and recorded in the book of Genesis is under attack more than ever. One woman for one man for life is what God ordained. Therefore anything that deliberately violates the Creator’s instructions is going to cause trouble and misery. We see the tragic results of this violation all around us. Broken homes, deserted spouses, grief, bitterness, and loneliness add up to enormous social and personal cost. While many factors are to blame, society can too easily dismiss the growing threat from pornography.

Pornographers have much the same slogan as the homosexual lobby: ‘The law has no place in the home.’ Porn pedlars say that people should be free to watch X-rated videos in their own homes. But as Australia’s Festival of Light leaders point out, if this were true then ‘the law has no place to inhibit incest, which also occurs in the bedroom’, or domestic murders which take place in the home.

And what’s to stop children viewing their parents’ porn videos when the adults are not home? How many will turn into another Ted Bundy? Children are even exploited as actors and models in many porn videos and magazines.

Rapes have increased dramatically in parts of Australia since the introduction of hard-core pornography in 1970. One outstanding case is South Australia, where rapes have increased 2,000 percent in these past 20 years. Rape in other states, too, has increased alarmingly since hard-core porn has been available. Conversely, tougher restrictions on pornography in some parts of America, such as in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in the State of North Carolina, reportedly have shown an encouraging drop in sex-related crimes.

When attacks on the Genesis family take place, trouble follows. The cause may be pornography, homosexuality, abortion, rape, alcoholism, paedophilia, adultery, incest, drug-taking (as a personal testimony in this issue of Creation magazine shows), or some other rebellion against the family unit as set up by God. Whatever it is, it will cause misery for innocent people unless it is stopped.

The family built on the Creator’s guidelines in Genesis and the rest of the Bible will always survive with God’s help. Tragedy strikes when someone thinks another road leads to more adventure.

Governments and individuals desperately need to heed the warnings of Ted Bundy, whose own death and that of 28 others resulted from his obsession with pornography … And the warnings of Linda Lovelace, now Mrs Linda Marciano, who has survived to warn us of the trauma she suffered in pouring out some of the porn that Bundy drank … And of Jesus Christ who, as our Creator, established the only way the family can function safely until the end of time.