‘The grotesque picture’ that compromise paints

I’d like to thank you for your website and for Creation magazine.

I attend college in Tarpon Springs and Clearwater, Florida. After completing a couple of semesters of college, I found myself wandering into the Christian/Theology sections in the bookstore near my house. I tore through books on the reliability of the Bible and on the resurrection and deity of Jesus Christ. My faith in God matured into something solid. Around this same time, I had accepted Christ (after some unusual sequences of coincidental events that took years to set up and would take a lot of words to explain) into my heart.

My new walk with Christ started me on a journey that would go on to face opposition in the secular battlegrounds on my college campus. When questions about the Bible’s credibility and history would arise in defiance against it, I would find answers to either knock apart the obstacles or find a way around them. Eventually, however, the obstacles I left standing were beginning to create a landscape of confusion in my mind.

Soon, I found myself wandering into the Science/Faith section (as well as into the aisles that overflowed with books on evolution) at the bookstore. By this time I no longer felt weird about being the only shopper in the Christian/Religion area of the bookstore.

The first books I discovered were on evidence for intelligent design found in living things. I read all about the gaps in the fossil record and every other evidence I could find by scientists who defended God but were restricted to the naturalistic realms of popular science and its theories of the Big Bang and long ages for the earth and the universe.

One weekend I spotted your magazine on a rack in a Christian bookstore (I had shifted from the limited selection of books in the mainstream bookstores to a much wider selection of books on creation science). I read through my first Creation magazine and went to buy every other back issue I could get off that same magazine rack. Soon I found myself caught up in this river of truth that I had no idea existed. I dove into books about astronomy, biology, geology, anything I could find.

Before this I had read some books by Hugh Ross and some other long-agers and ran into a wall when one book talked about human-like creatures that didn’t have souls.

I remember having a sick feeling when reading about these imaginary creatures. I began to really see the grotesque picture that compromise was painting. I knew that if I followed that line of thinking, my faith would fall apart in the area of science, and I was terrified that such a dark seed would grow to cut off my faith in God and His Word.

Now that I look back on the path I was on, it is pretty scary. I was beginning to compromise on a lot of issues. Who knows where I would be now. God has guided me on my journey, and there is a lot more that went along with my discovery of true creation science, but I just wanted you to know that your ministry played a vital role in my salvation. You gave me good soil for my faith to grow in and I am thankful. I honestly have no fear of reading about evolution and other views that question my Christian worldview anymore.

Keep up the excellent work. There are a lot of students out there who need to hear this censored view of science. Your articles on supposed vestigial limbs on whales, catastrophic geology, radiometric dating, evolutionary frauds, and on Noah’s Ark have helped me through an evolution and long-age inspired Oceanography class and some tough questions it brought up.

I feel like I’ve come a long way in a short time. This has been a sort of suffering experiencefor me. I have had to sort through a lot of questions and doubts, but now I am thankful that I have had to suffer through them, because I really have grown stronger in my faith in God’s infallible Word and have developed a new love for God’s creation.

Thanks again for all you have done.

— R.G., USA

Published: 3 February 2006