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This September is your chance to hear a long-standing creationist researcher with vast in-depth experience of several areas at the cutting edge of creationist thinking. CMI-USA speaker Michael Oard will be making his first visit to the UK, conducting original research on the geomorphology of the British Isles and speaking on several very topical subjects:

  • The Ice Age: Only the Bible can Explain it!
  • Whatever Happened to the Woolly Mammoths?
  • Is Man the Cause of Global Warming?

Mike has a B.S. and M.S. degree in atmospheric science. Among other things, he was a research meteorologist at the University of Washington, then a lead forecaster with the United States National Weather Service in Montana (Western U.S.). Mike is, therefore, very well placed to teach on the above topics, quite apart from his numerous publications in the field (see below). Mike has been married to Beverly for over 40 years, and they have four adult children with 10 grandchildren.

A board member of Creation Research Society, Mike has been researching creationist topics since the late 1970s, but since his retirement, he has been researching earth science topics full time. An original thinker and a prolific writer, he has had numerous articles published over the last 35 years—in that time, he has made important contributions to creationist thinking in glaciology, geophysics, geology, palaeontology and geomorphology.

Mike’s fourteen published books range from technical monographs to those aimed at the layperson, plus three for children. Six of these are on the subjects Mike will address on this speaking tour, including An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood, Ancient Ice Ages or Gigantic Submarine Landslides, The Frozen Record: Examining the Ice Core History of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets, Frozen in Time: The Woolly Mammoth, the Ice Age and the Bible, and for children Life in the Great Ice Age and Uncovering the Mysterious Woolly Mammoth.

This is a unique opportunity for a European audience to hear Mike Oard speak—do come along if you can, and bring your friends too!

Tour dates

A large selection of creationist books, DVDs and other resources will be available for purchase at each of these meetings.