‘The most important issue’


I just wanted to thank you for your priority in upholding the authority of the Word of God. I am currently finishing my junior year in college as a Biology major and Chemistry minor, and am looking to go on to medical school. As expected, evolution hits me hard weekly. Your ministry has been a great blessing in my life. What excites me the most, however, is the fact that you continually make known that you start with scripture and that the Word of God is your presuppositions. I have noticed that there is a tendency in some organizations to want to use arguments against evolution, of which there are many of course, but not want to mention anything about the Bible (even when asked) for fear of their statements being labeled as “religious” and not valid. This usually leads in a direction still opposite to Christ and creation, along with the message of salvation, which is the most important issue! It is like teaching morals without explaining that Christ is the reason for them. Taking Christ out of the picture just doesn't make sense concerning morals or creation. People are then left to wonder if Aliens created the earth then. Your stand on science and the Bible has influenced me greatly. Recently, I was part of starting the first ever Creation research group at my University. Your prayers are much needed as we have recieved much, although expected, antagonism from some faculty. However, I feel creation evangelism has been very effective in our group. Bringing up the “hidden” lies evolution consistently gets away with, and discussing why operational science is just not the same as evolution has greatly opened the eyes of the students that attend. Again, I just want to thank you for your love of Jesus Christ and your stand for His word as being totally infalliable, including the first 11 chapters of Genesis!

God Bless,

Robbie Huff

Published: 3 February 2006