Things for children and families to do

While our families are spending more time at home it’s a great opportunity to equip yourselves and your children with a robust defense of their faith!
Even our children may be asking the ‘Why?’ questions. This is an ‘education’ opportunity for the whole family!

Here are just a few of the things you can do to help teach your children the Bible is true.

Our Creation for Kids page features activities and articles designed just for children, previously featured in our popular family Creation magazine .

With students at home, you have the responsibility of teaching your children. Have you seen our Parent’s Corner? You will find multiple ideas and resources brought to you by homeschooling experts.

Watch "viral" videos!

CMI has been closely following the COVID-19 pandemic and has produced several videos for you and your family to watch to better understand how Christians should view this event, along with a whole bunch of interesting topics in our Creation Talk podcasts.
Click here to see more.

Science Foundation - Viruses and Staying Healthy
Here is a video about viruses made just for kids.
This video was produced by the same friends of our ministry that brought you the Creeping Things series and The Heavens Declare series . Talk - Rhett and Link’s Deconstruction - What Happened?
Popular YouTube comedy duo Rhett and Link have recently released podcast episodes detailing their deconversion (‘deconstruction‘) from the Christian faith.
What led to this sad result for them? CMI’s Dr Robert Carter and Paul Price weigh in. Talk - Pandemic!
Recommend for parents: Our coronavirus update podcast, released after the classification of COVID-19 as a worldwide pandemic.

Also: Read the associated article

Have a family movie night!

We have children’s DVDs and video downloads that you can watch tonight! Here’s just a few:

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution
3-DVD set
Amaze your family with the fascinating world of animals to reveal sophisticated and complex designs that can only be attributed to a creator and cannot possibly be explained by evolution.
Goo 2 U, via the Zoo
This resource offers a way out of the confusion for youth searching for answers that satisfy both the mind and the heart.
Available as video download so you can watch tonight!
Creeping Things
3-DVD Set
A DVD series hosted by reptile expert and herpetologist, Nathan Hutcherson.
Includes three DVDs:
  • Underappreciated Creepers: Tracks down animals including snakes, reptiles, scorpions, and other amazing creatures
  • Desert Creepers: Delves into the fascinating world of desert environments
  • California Creepers: Focuses on the wetter environments of Southern California

And our Media Center is your go-to resource for tons of free Bible-affirming videos that the whole family can ‘binge watch’ together including dozens of episodes of our teaching series Creation Magazine Live .

Read a book with your children!

CMI has published lots of Bible-affirming children’s books and most have parent helps to dig deeper. Here’s just a few:

Creation Answers for Kids
Use this time to give answers to the biggest questions that can last a lifetime! Such as:
  • Why are there thorns and prickles and bad things?
  • Do miracles happen?
  • Are all people really related to each other?
  • And many more!
Has notes for parents to take each subject further.
CMI Children's Pack
While the whole family is home, cuddle up with the young ones and read this set of five high-quality hard cover books that affirm the Bible! Each book also has parent helps for further study.
  • One Big Family
  • The Oxpecker and the Giraffe
  • Please Nana ... Who is God?
  • Please Nana ... What is death?
  • Adam and Family
6 DAYS — Not Billions of Years
The ideal teen resource for those ‘big questions’ they are asking about creation, evolution and the Bible.
  • What should we believe about ghosts and aliens?
  • Why would a loving God allow death and suffering?
  • How did Noah fit the animals on the ark?
  • What about radiometric dating?
  • And much more!

And why not take this opportunity to study together?

Many of our core books have study guides that you can use to bring the family together, and ‘get deep’ with some of our most foundational resources.
Here’s just a few:

The Creation Answers Book
Free study guide available!
In the current atmosphere, more people are seeking answers! This book will give your family biblical answers to over 60 important questions, such as:
  • Did God really create in six days?
  • What about carbon dating?
  • What about dinosaurs?
  • Why do bad things happen?
  • And many more!
Evolution's Achilles' Heels
Free study guide available!
No better way for your family to study the fatal flaws of the very pillars of today’s prevailing evolutionary worldview that underpins our now-secular culture! 9 Ph.D. scientist demolish evolution, head on!
The Genesis Academy!
Video series. Free online study guide available!
A comprehensive and entertaining series that deals with the theology, science and history of Genesis 1–11.

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