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Wouldn’t it be great if someone made an up-to-date, comprehensive book about all-things-dinosaurs—from a biblical creationist perspective? We’ve done exactly that!
It’s called Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air, and we are excited to announce that it is finally available!
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Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air

by Dr Jonathan Sarfati and Joel Tay

Dinosaurs have long fascinated people of all ages, but dinosaurs as presented in popular culture often challenge people’s faith. Kids’ books, movies, museum exhibits, and textbooks portray mysterious, ‘prehistoric’ creatures roaming the earth millions of years ago, contrary to Biblical history.

Dinosaurs shouldn’t undermine people’s faith in the Bible! Properly understood, they fit perfectly with the Bible’s account of history. In fact, even the fossils they left behind provide powerful evidence of the global Flood of Noah’s day.

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What's Inside

Let the evidence speak for itself!

This is a comprehensive, highly illustrated book with hundreds of stunning images and diagrams. And at around 288 pages, it covers the scientific and biblical evidence for dinosaurs, and also the flying and marine reptiles that are associated with the evolutionary age of dinosaurs. As a reference book on the many different types of dinosaurs, it stands alone.

Inside you'll find…
  • Deep-dive information and delightful illustrations of dozens of dinosaurs kinds
  • The answer to what killed the dinosaurs
    Hint: armored dinosaurs are often found upside-down
  • Thorough explanations of the difference between dinosaurs and birds
  • A detailed and fascinating history of dinosaur discoveries
And so, so much more!

Truly the most comprehensive creationist work on dinosaurs.

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Show Table of Contents

  1. Worldviews and dinosaurs
  2. History of dinosaur discoveries
  3. What are dinosaurs?
  4. Great varieties of living creatures
  5. Dinosaur varieties and ‘ages’
  6. Therapods: Were they all tyrants?
  7. Sauropods: True giants of the earth
  8. Armoured and horned plant-eaters
  9. Duck-billed and crested plant-eaters
  10. Swimming and flying titans
  11. Dinosaur diets
  12. Dinosaur fossils: Evidence for the Flood
  13. Evidence for a ‘young’ age of dinosaurs
  14. Did dinosaurs survive the Flood?
  15. Evidence that humans saw dinosaurs
  16. Are dinosaurs alive today?
  17. Did dinosaurs evolve into birds?
  18. Dinosaur-bird candidates
  19. Conclusion: Lessons from dinosaurs

This should be in every Christian’s library

In all my years of being involved in the origins debate, I believe ‘Titans’ to be simply the best and most comprehensive book that demolishes the usual millions of years of evolutionary history associated with these fascinating creatures. Ongoing and groundbreaking new discoveries such as soft tissue find, unfossilized DNA, and carbon-14 dating only confirm the correct placement of dinosaurs within the correct framework of biblical history. This book should be on every Christian’s library shelf as it deals with one of the major questions and objections that people raise in questioning the veracity of the Bible’s account of origins. — Gary Bates
CEO, Creation Ministries International (US)
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Titans of the Earth, Sea, and Air
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Researchers & Writers

Meet the Authors

Dr Jonathan Sarfati

Dr Jonathan Sarfati Ph.D., F.M. is a physical chemist, chess master and perhaps the world’s most prolific author of creation books. Jonathan’s brilliant essays on the authority of the Bible have won many converts. He is also the author of the most comprehensive scientific and theological commentary on Genesis 1–11 to date.

Joel Tay

Joel Tay Th.M, M.Div, B.Sc., Dip. Biotech is a speaker/scientist for Creation Ministries International with a background in Systematic Theology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, and Biotechnology. He was involved with CMI for many years as a volunteer in both Australia and Singapore before joining the staff at CMI–US full time. He now regularly contributes articles to Creation magazine and Journal of Creation.