Trouble reading Genesis and therefore the whole Bible


I was reading the article "soft gap sophistry" in the June - August issue of Creation magazine and had to let you know the Gap theorists, all gap types, are WRONG. I now know that the Creation happened in 6 days, no more no less. I used to have trouble reading Genesis and therefore the whole Bible because I grew up with the Millions of years. God was telling me 6 actual days and man was telling me billions of years. I was confused by this and couldn't read the Bible effectively. After 9-11 I read Revelations and read in it that we should read the whole Bible to better know what God wants of us. So I ignored what I was taught and read it. It took awhile I read slowly, but I did do it. During this time my wife had said we were going to a rally. I never went to one before and went with her and our two children, this was not difficult to get me to do seeing we do almost everything together. The speaker at that rally was Ken Ham. I walked away from that rally knowing in my heart that God was right and man is wrong. I will never look back at billions of years because through AiG ministries God has shown me that it's is false. When talking to people about God and the topic of billions of years comes up I nicely tell them it is wrong. I show them with God's word and that it is days. Thank you Mr. Ham and all of the AiG staff for your hard work and dedication to the truth. Our God is awesome and I'am very thankful to Him for your diligence to the truth.

– Brian Jones, USA

Published: 3 February 2006