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UFOs on The History Channel

CMI’s original research answers a new History Channel series


Published: 15 January 2019 (GMT+10)

CMI’s original research answers a new History Channel series

Some readers of CMI material might still be skeptical about why CMI aims to be a leading Christian voice in dealing with this nagging but very popular cultural phenomenon.

In January 2019 in the US, and with much fanfare, The History Channel (the same station that brought us the much acclaimed The Bible series—reviewed here by CMI), released a new docudrama series called Project Blue Book. Based upon real historical events, it tells the story of the US Government’s early efforts to find out exactly what UFOs were.

In the late 1940’s, coinciding with new found technology such as jet-propelled airplanes and radar technology that could track them, there was a wave of sightings of unidentified objects across the USA. Somewhat ironically, this in turn caused people to look up to the skies even more, which led to even more sightings. The government had around 850 sightings reported to them in that year alone. Coupled with the Roswell Crash in 1947, it is not an exaggeration to say that the mystery of UFOs had become a media sensation.

Using radar technology, the military realized that in a handful of cases they were dealing with something more mysterious than just mistaken sightings of weather balloons or the planet Venus, because UFOs performed aerial maneuvers that conventional craft were just not capable of at the time. Two previous investigative projects—Sign and Grudge—had failed to shed much light on the UFO phenomenon, so in 1952, the USAF enlisted the full-time help of Ph.D. astronomer Professor J. Allen Hynek. The History Channel’s new series traces Hynek’s involvement and his investigations of many puzzling sightings, and also how the military dealt with some sightings that they could not explain naturalistically. For many, it’s a bit hard to believe that with so many sightings that governments actually do not know what is really going on, but this is still the case today.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek

Hynek was a member of a CIA investigative committee into UFOs (The Robertson Panel) which recommended that UFOS should be merely debunked. But due to the evidence he was confronted with, Hynek's opinions about UFOs changed over time and he believed they were worthy of scientific investigation. If UFOs were visitors from another planet, it would represent not only a scientific paradigm shift, but a cultural one. In the first page of his book, The Hynek UFO Report (which detailed over 12,000 UFO sightings and 140,000 official Project Blue Book pages), he wrote;

“I had started out as an outright 'debunker,' taking great joy in cracking what seemed at first to be puzzling cases. I was the arch enemy of those 'flying saucer groups and enthusiasts' who very dearly wanted UFOs to be interplanetary. My own knowledge of those groups came almost entirely from what I heard from Blue Book personnel: they were all 'crackpots and visionaries.' My transformation was gradual but by the late sixties it was complete. Today I would not spend one further moment on the subject of UFOs if I didn't seriously feel that the UFO phenomenon is real and that efforts to investigate and understand it, and eventually to solve it, could have a profound effect—perhaps even be the springboard to mankind's outlook on the universe.”

His last line really states what is at stake with the UFO phenomenon. Most laypeople believe that the mysterious, physics-defying feats of some UFOs represent some advanced technology superior to our own. And where must it come from? The obvious conclusion drawn is that it comes from an older (on the evolutionary scale) alien civilization. And because they evolved millions of years in advance of humans on earth they’ve had more time to develop these fantastic technologies.

It’s all about origins

There are only two ‘games in town’ when it comes to how the universe and life arose. Either big bang, cosmic evolution is true, or there is a divine Creator as the Bible states. ET really needs evolution to be true, and the concept of God creating alien life would violate the very Gospel of Christ (see Did God create life on other planets?) Although Blue Book ended in 1970 (other projects followed like the Condon Report), even today, the US government continues to spend millions on UFO research. As such, this subject is right in CMI’s ballpark.

So, one must wonder why, after 60 years of research why no tangible, concrete answer has been found. And it’s not going away. When I first became involved in this subject, the most popular, secular view was that UFOs were real physical craft visiting us from a distant planet or star system. This is called The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. But as we showed in our own movie Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception, Dr Hynek eventually came to believe that we are dealing with something interdimensional, even “paranormal” to quote him directly. This is known as The Interdimensional Hypothesis. In fact, very few serious researchers today doubt this. But this presents a problem because it is very difficult to empirically test something that appears in our realm as some sort of non-tangible or ethereal entity, which can appear, disappear and perform all sorts of supernatural feats. I personally have a lot of respect for Dr Hynek as a genuine researcher looking for answers. He was a pioneer of serious research into the UFO phenomenon and his ‘Close Encounters’ classification system is still used today to describe the various levels of UFO events. I am saddened, however, that his secular worldview limited his interpretation of the data he was researching because he did not find the truth before he died.

The Good News

The first episode in The History Channel’s new series exhibited a lot of poetic license by overly dramatizing events. As such, it fell short of the mark in terms of dealing with the subject matter truthfully and seriously. But if there is one thing we can use such ‘entertainment’ for, it would be to lead people to Jesus Christ.

The same week that the History Channel released its new series, also marked the first anniversary of the world premiere of our own groundbreaking UFO movie Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception, which went on to appear in over 800 theaters worldwide (an absolute first for CMI—see pastors’ reviews here). And the movie actually features Dr Hynek and Project Blue Book, the origins issue and the source of the more mysterious UFO sightings. But the stunning conclusion to the movie highlights the Lord Jesus Christ front and center as our Creator and Savior. In short, as strange as it sounds, this ‘UFO movie’ is all about Jesus! As our narrator, the noted Hollywood actor John Schneider said at the conclusion of our film;

“The idea that older, wiser and more technologically advanced aliens are visiting the earth, would redefine our traditional view of humankind's place in the universe. However, the serious experts all agree that whatever is behind the UFO phenomenon, it is deceptive and emanating from another realm or dimension. And we've just heard another angle, and it seems like the Christian interpretation ideally fits the facts. And that traditional view indicates that the most important event in human history occurred when the Creator, Jesus Christ became human. And the Bible says He came to rescue us from these same, evil and deceptive forces that gripped this world. And if the Bible is right, then it was this event that most certainly defined our place in the universe.”

CMI’s research of UFOs is not a case of Christians shoehorning the evidence into our Christian worldview. Studying the actual evidence without preconceptions leave no possibility for these events to be extraterrestrial visitors in faster-than-light spaceships. But it does point to them being interdimensional or spiritual visitors. This is something that the majority of both secular and Christian researchers can agree on. However, we may disagree about the origin of the entities behind these visitations. And this is why John Schneider was able to make such a statement in the movie. The Bible gives us an historical record of spiritual visitations both benevolent and malevolent. As such, a serious study of what is behind the UFO phenomenon reveals one of the most powerful and compelling cases for the truth of the Bible and the reality of our Lord Jesus Christ. And this is exactly what CMI’s movie on the subject seeks to do, and it represents an easy and exciting witnessing opportunity using such a popular cultural icon.

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Readers’ comments

David M.
Gary Bates, I am not in the USA. Also I do not have access to and have NOT read your book, also have I NOT seen the movie Alien Intrusion. Please can you tell me very briefly and "sum it up", what was the very "final conclusion" as to:> 1)--What UFO's are (of all shapes of crafts including flying saucers) that travel 1000's of miles per hour on radar? 2)--Also can you briefly explain what these so called ALIEN beings really are? Thank you.
Gary Bates
David, you are in Canada where we have an office so you do have access to the book. If you order the book and DVD from CREATION.com it will be sent to you by the local office. It would be remiss of me to say the phenomenon is 'this' or 'that' because it cannot be described as one thing. 90% of UFOs can be explained as natural or man made phenomena. Only a small percentage defy naturalistic explanations. And I am only talking about sightings. Then we have to consider what is occurring with people who claim to be abducted and travel aboard spaceships as part of their experience. Then Christians ask whether God could have created aliens and so on. So, respectfully, there is no one-size, fits-all answer. If you are genuinely interested then do yourself a favor and grab the book. Moreover, you do have access to this site because you commented on an article, and when you did it asked you if you first searched this site for answers. So, here are some articles on this site that should help you.
Did God create life on other planets?; An interview with an abduction researcher; The way that people interpret UFOs; An interview with a secular UFO researcher who says they are spiritual; How govts are even preparing for an alien visitiation; If some UFOs are spiritual, how can they manifest physically?; How the US govt continues to spend millions researching UFOs; A review on leading UFO advocate's movie Sirius.
These are just a few of the articles available by typing 'UFOs' or 'aliens' into the search engine.
David B.
To give History Channel a bit of credit, each episode has been ending with some of the facts that the episode was based on, and in some cases these give some hints as to how different the fiction version was. Sadly, the series seems to be taking a route that seems like a prequel to the X-Files, with hints that the UFOs must be alien craft and the government has been enacting a deep cover-up of the fact from the beginning. They also don't show Hynek as starting out as crusading against the UFO crackpots at first. Another thing to keep in mind is that the vast majority of sightings have rather dull, ordinary explanations. Personally I believe there are cases somewhere between those and the more extraordinary ones that could well be demonic manifestations of some sort. I've never gone to a regular movie theater except to see this film, and while there were no surprises to me, I enjoyed seeing how well the movie covered the subject and supported the conclusion.
Gary Bates
Sure. But feel free to use the search engine on this site to find out more about a Christian interpretation of the UFO phenomenon. For example, on how the US govt is continuing to spend millions on UFOs.
Gregoery G.
How come your movie "Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception" doesn't deal with such very important UFO's subjects as the 'Men in black', 'J-Rod', 'Skinwalker Ranch' and so on? Does the book that the movie is based on deals with such?
Gary Bates
Are you aware that there are approximately 150 sightings every day?.And within them there are literally thousands of major UFO events over the years. The movie attempted to provide a big picture look at the UFO phenomenon mainly for people who are not familiar with it and wanted answers. Our aim was outreach. If you want in-depth information then grab the book or do searches on our website. As such, the movie only attempted to cover two of the biggest events being Roswell and the Washington UFOs--ones that most people have heard of. It is simply not reasonable to expect it a 1 hour, 50 minute documentary to cover every sighting or event that someone thinks is important. And this varies between people due to their different takes on such events and also what they think is important. No matter what one includes or leaves out someone will say "Why didn't you talk about this or that?" and use it as some sort of benchmark as to the credibility of the information it contained based upon the events they are most familiar with. I've received numerous comments like this over the years. Why didn't we cover Levelland, 1957, Rendlesham Forest, 1980, The Belgium Wave, 1989-90, and so on? I could go on. As it is the book does cover more events but it is simply impossible to cover all of them in either movie or book form. I would ask you, if you are interested in the subject matter, to consider it in the light of above and judge it on what it contained rather than what it didn't, and the market we were aiming for. Thanks.
Chuck S.
I also have read Gary Bates book three times and watched the documentary three times as well. It always brings memories of my U.F.O. sighting back in 1965/66 in Ryegate, Golden Valley County, Montana. I was in the kitchen at the age of 15/16 and my brother was in the living room. All of a sudden there was screaming and yelling coming from outside during a hot July summer. It was our school friends, three of them about same age. They were driving a pick-up heading north in Town and they were just screaming and pointing to the north. And my brother and me came outside to look at "whatever", and "lo and behold", two bright orange disc flying saucers flying in formation above the rims in Ryegate. So when my brother and me came on the scene they were straight north of us approximately one city block and they were above the rims about thirty feet. The rims being about 80 feet. They were about the size of a medium car. No noise and I would guess they were traveling about 30 miles an hour. It seemed that the orange color had depth. These were very close to us, no mistaking these craft as anything but what our eys were seeing. I wanted the driver of the pick-up to head up the highway and head north to see them again but he chickened out. Glad he did. This was over 55 years ago and the picture is still very clear in my mind. I wondered for years "what is going on", and became a believer in "little green men", until I was pointed out years ago regarding how to find our answers in the Bible as I did. And today Gary Bates and crew are "right on".
Beth H.
We have watched the first 2 episodes of Project Blue Book and are disgusted that the writers felt it necessary to bring in blatant homosexuality scenes to a series that otherwise might have been informative. We originally thought the series was going to be like a documentary, not an embellished Hellywood piece of fiction. We will probably not watch the remaining episodes.

Gary Bates, your answer to John C about bigfoot and other creatures such as leprechauns brings to mind our experience in Hawaii while visiting our daughter and her family. Early in the morning before daylight, her 3 and 4 year olds came screaming out of their 2nd floor bedroom, saying there was a little man in their window. We called the MPs to take a look around. The 2 officers arrived and asked the kids what the little man looked like: was he brown skinned, white, or what? The kids both agreed that he was brown, like the officer ( a native Hawaiian). Immediately, the officer said, "well that is a manahuni", which apparently is a demonic creature that terrorizes children and is well-known to the locals. Our grandkids are now in their 20's and still remember this and how scared they were.
Ben M.
Even with this show it seems like the phenomenon has fallen out of vogue with the public. The History Channel is seen as the TV equivalent of a checkout counter tabloid. Not many people, including atheists, buy into it. I remember Jacques Valle saying in one of his books that the phenomenon ebbs and flows between times of high activity and low activity. We seem to be in a time of very low activity and low concern compared to where we were in just a few decades ago. This seems to coincide with the rise of smartphone technology where virtually everyone has a video recorder in their pocket, as well as video and photo manipulation software being widely available. Thus, if a genuine video of this phenomenon is recorded most would immediately chalk it up to After Effects or Photoshop. In light of this is should we continue to pour resources into exposing this phenomenon for what it is? Is it still relevant? I ask these questions as one who has studied and written on this phenomenon from a Christian perspective for years.
Gary Bates
In once sense you are right about it possibly falling out of vogue, but respectfully you've made a couple of incorrect assumptions presumably because you feel that you are not hearing about it any more. The facts are that the phenomenon is not decreasing, it's increasing. Yes, it doesn't make the news as much because the claims that people see things or have abduction episodes are not as sensational as they used to be. But think about this. The fact that they are not reported means it is accepted as mainstream. And therefore, because it is more accepted, the opportunities for deception increase. If people have an abduction encounter in their room they are more likely to accept it as alien on face value because of this mainstream condition. So, your claim that we are in a period of low activity is based upon what? Your perception or actual research and study of sightings as you claim? I'm skeptical because if you contacted MUFON for example, you would see that it is not decreasing. On one radio interview I conducted for the promotion of the movie, on a nationwide program that specializes in this sort of phenomenon, I was asked if over the years there was anything that surprised me about the phenomenon. (He knew how bizarre some of the sightings and stories can be). I said that there was one thing that continues to surprise me and that is just how many people have UFO encounters of some description. I've spoken on this subject hundreds of times, and always, every time, someone comes to me and shares their own experience. You can even see a couple of comments on that article from people sharing theirs. And after the movie screened I was inundated with hundreds of similar emails. So, I caution about being overly dismissive of it just because you might not be hearing to much about it. To do so means you risk undermining what is happening to these people, and they need our empathy and help. I recommend doing some serious research on the subject. Have you read my book or even seen the movie, for example? The public is more conditioned than ever to blithely accept the concept of like on other planets. So, I gently challenge you to read UFOlogy: the world's fastest growing religion and Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming!.
Low P.
Regarding my above sharing of unidentified hanging object , we are very sure no military aircraft nearby . The distant from our view is very close about 20 feet in front of our window . It look exactly like a moon in its total brightness. I firmly believed it had to do with satanic deception .

China Chinese are very crazy about UFO and aliens , they simply believe they exists . I have read their books about sightings abduction disappearance of groups of people including those from other countries . They also cite US Area 51 etc and plan to migrate to Mars , believe such thing as wormhole .

Someone in their village was abducted , when she came out of it she acquired skills and knowledge to treat disease . Numerous sightings reported all over China it simply drive them nuts .

. Hence Alien Intrusion book and DVD are excellent resource to wake them up to come out of such deception , but had to be translated to Chinese .
It stands to reason that using “The Interdimensional Hypothesis” as your film does that UFO visitors would look like “older, wiser and more technologically advanced aliens are visiting the earth”. Some reasonable assumptions about angels would suggest as they are spirit and not physical, God gave us a physical world, and we use physical experimentation to explore it. Physical investigating physical. Angels cannot do exploration, scientific investigation, but these long lived being predate the Flood and carry knowledge of the technology of the pre-Flood and pre-Babel world. The secularist just-so story that they are aliens is denying access to this fertile field of history (not science).
Gary Bates
Thanks. Just a caveat though. When angels appear in our realm they do so physically. Be conscious of the term 'spiritual'. Humans are physical but have a spirit. The distinction I was making in the article is that the occupants of the spiritual realm can visit us, but we cannot go there which is why we cannot test that realm.
John C.
Where are our PRIORITIES??
People with time on their hands are wasting it when they focus on the "flying saucer" theme. They need to smarten up and pursue the truth on legitimate phenomena, such as Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil. Leprechauns also have been sorely neglected by the research arms of our great institutions.
Gary Bates
I presume this comment is meant as sarcasm, but you do yourself a disservice if you think there is no reality to the UFO phenomenon. There is, which is exactly why we deal with it, and the very article you commented on explains that the US government also knew it was a reality which is why they've now investigated it for over 60 years. And BTW if you care to actually research it, my book also covered bigfoot which is nothing more than originally a hoax which took on a life of its own (as confirmed by the children of the original hoaxer). And the morphology of leprechauns appearances and the 'little people' of Ireland is almost identical to that of abduction experiences in UFOlogy and has, in fact, been investigated by serious UFO researchers due to the parallels.
Tim L.
It's easy to see how the Rapture will be passed off as an alien abduction at this point. Furthermore, it's easy to Christ's Second Coming in terms similar to the Independence Day movie: Christ returning is the "alien superpower" that that the forces of earth must fight. In the movie version, that ends up turning out well for humans. In the biblical version, not so much. To say the least, it puts an interesting perspective on end times.
Gary Bates
You may well be correct, but just one caveat when it comes to end times (eschatology) and that is to remember that lots of people have lots of different views and some of them are drawn on denominational lines. Moreover, we are talking about the future and it hasn't happened yet! What if we are here for another thousand years and the whole UFO phenomenon has died a death because our investigations of space has revealed there is no life out there? Then what we think today becomes irrelevant. So, while it is useful to sometimes speculate, I recommend never being dogmatic about our eschatological views.
Code D.
> But if there is one thing we can use such ‘entertainment’ for, it would be to lead people to Jesus Christ. That might be true, if people were generally interested in Christianity in the first place, or at least cared to listen. In my experience, whenever the subject of Christianity shows up, you're already seeing/sensing the eye-rolls and dismissals. Generally, people do _not_ want to hear about religion in general, much less Christianity, and even less from YECs like us... Perhaps it's the biased sample of people I often try to 'break through' (e.g. atheists in online discussions, some family members who think that anything related to 'church' is automatically 'full of bs', etc.), but it seems like the more you actually try, the further away you always end up... with the people you're trying to reach seemingly becoming even more hardened than before. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems as if trying to reach people is more counter-productive and harmful than doing nothing, in the sense of them setting up and hardening more 'mental barriers' than before. (Yes, I've read the 'tennis match' articles and related, among many (most) others.) Given that God said the Gospel is 'foolishness' to the unbeliever, it seems like trying to persuade (to borrow Paul's use) other people to accept Christ is more difficult than the (hypothetical) alternative of, maybe, God not making his message seem like 'foolishness' to unbelievers in the first place.

Even I remember, before I became Christian, how 'stupid' everything seemed, to the point that I couldn't be bothered to take it seriously. It took a life-changing event and hitting 'rock bottom' before I would even consider God. Why think other people would react differently?...
Gary Bates
People are disinterested for a number of reasons. We are humans and have different life experiences and educational backgrounds so one needs to find out what the stumbling blocks or objections are when people say they are disinterested. Many think that the Bible is not relevant to today's culture and that it is a fairy story made up by men and women of the past. So, for example, sci-fi beliefs are huge due to movies and the media, plus the fact that millions have seen UFOs and have had experiences. And this is why and how we can use the UFO phenomenon to lead people to Christ. Find out what they believe; what their interests are and use that info for good.
King T.
"his secular worldview limited his interpretation of the data he was researching because he did not find the truth before he died"

So one way or the other, Dr Hynek now knows the truth. I hope for his sake that he found the truth in Jesus before he died because otherwise he would now be living in fiery regret.

Thank you CMI for bringing us the summary of years of hard work so we do not have to speculate as other have to. We can know what we are dealing with and can tell those around us what is going on. Then point them to Jesus as the answer to ALL their existential questions.
Low Yin P.
I bought both Alien Intrusion book and DVD. I have something to share about UFO. In fact it should be called unidentified hanging object. I am from Singapore a country where people does not look up into the sky often except when it rains. To my knowledge no one here ever reported they saw UFO or aliens. About 8 years ago one night around 8 pm, I happened to look out of the window from our 9 storey flat. I saw a very huge round object the size of our bedroom hanging outside the opposite 9 storey flat. It was very bright as if a hundred spot light was shining from within yet not glaring not moving at all. I called my husband and children to have a look , they too saw what I saw. It just hanged there for hours till we went to sleep. I did not take a picture of it as both my husband myself had no smart phone at that time. No exaggeration was that big that bright and round. Next day no longer there. If it was a small thing we might think was someone playing remote control toys . Size of our bed room. Now thinking over we should have inform police to investigate. Another time 2 years back around 8 to 9 pm when the sky was very dark streets lighten up by street lamps .But at another segment of the sky nearby , it was so bright as if the sun haven't set Is it natural phenomenon ? But that round object definitely not natural.
Gary Bates
Hi, and thanks for sharing. I often get asked about what someone saw but logically it is impossible for me to say as I was not there and do not have access to all the facts. I.e. were there military craft in the area; one would have to check with them etc. UFO interest varies from country to country and it is usually based upon cultural conditions. In South Korea, for example, UFO sightings are virtually non-existent, I think because people are so busy working that they just don't spend time on such things. But in Japan, which is a sci-fi/anime interested culture, sightings can occur.
Errol B.
I thought you might find this both amusing and hypocritical. An ABC online article titled ‘Harvard astronomer defends theory interstellar object could have been alien spacecraft’
Link for CMI eyes only. [link deleted per feedback rules]. Article reads;
‘Professor Loeb said he did not care what people said, commenting that: "Science isn't like politics, it is not based on popularity polls". He said his article was written after conversations with his colleagues, who were "apprehensive about making their thoughts public". "I don't understand that. After all, academic tenure is intended to give scientists the freedom to take risks without having to worry about their jobs," he said. "Unfortunately, most scientists achieve tenure — and go on tending to their image."’
Gary Bates
Thanks. You are referring to Oumuamua which basically looked like a rock, smelled like a rock, acted like a rock, but this scientist said: "Now imagine that 'Oumuamua is the iPhone, and we are the cavemen. Imagine scientists who are considered the visionaries of reason among the cavemen looking at the device and saying, 'No, it's just a rock. A special rock, but a rock. Where do you come off claiming it's not a rock?'".
This statement shows how philosophy and wannabee beliefs rule over objective science.

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