UFOs and aliens—is there something going on?

by , CMI–Australia

18 May 2004

Despite over fifty years of official, government-led investigations by many countries which concluded that no extraterrestrial craft are visiting the earth, the ‘UFO phenomenon’ shows no sign of abating.

This continuing interest is little-known. Nowadays, many think that the phenomenon is ‘yesterday’s news’ and that UFO beliefs were a symptom of the incredibly fast-paced development of technologies in the heady days of the ‘space-race’ in the 1960s and ’70s. It is thought that this fueled the public’s imagination for believing that races of people on other worlds may have developed the capability of interplanetary or interstellar travel. However, many opinion polls conducted at that time suggested that the majority of the population believed that UFOs were the result of either secret American or Soviet technology.

The fact is, mankind has recorded seeing strange lights and events in the sky for centuries. Many ancient peoples, including the Romans and Greeks, spoke of flying shields. There is evidence to suggest that UFOs have been seen by millions of people right throughout world’s history.

The very best of research conducted by leading experts suggests that they do not manifest as real tangible physical craft. On many occasions they have disappeared before the eyes of many reputable witnesses such as fighter or commercial airline pilots. Some have been seen to change shape, merge into other UFOs and travel at incredible speeds, performing aerial maneuvers that defy the known laws of physics.

Since the late 1940s the UFO phenomenon has seen an increase of attention by people worldwide. No longer is the area of discussion limited to mere ‘lights in the sky’. Now, millions of people all over the globe have claimed direct contact with aliens via ‘close encounters’ or have experienced alien abductions.

When presented with these notions, the normal reaction of most people is to laugh, ridicule and dismiss the stories as fiction, and the delusions of cranks, deliberate hoaxers or even fame-seekers.


There is no question that the enormous popularity of science-fiction movies, TV shows and books is creating a blur between fiction and the limitations of real science. Its effect is similar to the myriad of nature documentaries on TV that promote evolution as a fact. In fact, ‘Sci-fi’ is the most popular entertainment genre of today. It has given rise to beliefs that advanced and older, more technologically advanced civilizations must exist elsewhere in the universe.

This idea is particularly prevalent amongst young people. Research has shown that many teenagers now believe that aliens may have even created life on earth. But these beliefs are underpinned by an even greater ideology—an ‘engine room’ if you like—that is driving this juggernaut of fascination in extraterrestrial life. It is evolution.

The driving concept, whether it is in science fiction or even NASA’s multi-billion dollar search of the universe, is the idea that:

If life evolved on the earth then it must have evolved elsewhere in this enormous universe.

This idea also drives the UFO phenomenon. Standard evolutionary cosmology dictates that the universe began with an event known as the ‘big bang’ about 14 billion years ago. Many believe that the Milky Way galaxy, which contains our planet, is in a relatively young part of the universe. Therefore, other parts might be even a billion years older. Any evolved civilizations there could potentially be a billion years more advanced in their technology, and capable of overcoming the incomprehensible distances required to visit our neighborhood. It is in this area that sci-fi influences modern thinking. Such conclusions are a logical extension of the beliefs about evolution—the most popular view about the origin of all things.

An elaborate masquerade

Given the number of unexplainable sightings every year, however, there should be a virtual queue of extraterrestrial craft entering our atmosphere. But this has never been detected. Although the majority of sightings are explainable as natural or man-made phenomena, or psychological delusions, some are not so easy to dismiss. Regardless of whatever one may think they are, the evidence suggests that they are already here, that is, emanating from the earth.

Coupled with this is the circumstantial evidence of the contactees. These people from differing countries, backgrounds and careers seem to share a very common experience. It appears that the messages they are receiving from these so-called ‘aliens’ are aimed at rewriting the Bible’s history. For example, many of them claim that they are the creators of life on earth via the process of evolution, in contrast to God who created everything supernaturally in six days. Other common messages imply that Jesus Christ was an advanced extraterrestrial who will be returning in his spaceship.

It is ludicrous to even consider that advanced extraterrestrials are traveling millions of light years across the universe (if they could find us in the first place) just to recondition our spiritual beliefs.

Christians can see the obvious deception by Satan and his cohorts through the nature of these messages. Uncomfortable as we may be by the thought of increasing contact by the spiritual enemies of God, it is happening. The reason is that popular beliefs about evolution, extraterrestrial life and the possibility of interstellar space travel have made even the average person in the street susceptible to such deceptions and possibly contacts.

A new CMI DVD on this fascinating topic

This is a complex subject that has only been briefly discussed here. CMI is in the process of completing my major book on the subject that will be available later this year [update: Alien Intrusion is now available]. Written in a non-confrontational style, this book may prove to be an excellent witnessing tool for Christians in reaching the millions of people who believe in extraterrestrial life and UFOs.

For the moment, CMI has just released my DVD Aliens, UFOs and the Bible. This was taped at CMI–Australia’s international SuperCamp held in Sydney earlier this year.

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Published: 8 February 2006