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Journal of Creation


  • AiG–UK is no longer sole or exclusive agent for our two periodicals.
  • All arrangements are now in place to smoothly and seamlessly continue to service UK/Europe subscribers.
  • If you’re current, and paid some time ago, you don’t have to do anything to keep getting our periodicals, which have always been posted by us—until you get a reminder, as before.
  • If you’ve recently paid AiG–UK for a renewal or subscription, we may not have been informed of that (see below as to what to do).
  • All renewals now go via our UK CMI office, either on this website or to our London mail address.
  • If you are from UK/Europe and you renew or extend for three years, you qualify for a free bonus offer in this transitional period.*

Prepared September 2006


During this transitional period, for the rest of 2006, any UK/Europe subscribers who renew for three years (even if your subscription is current and you are extending by three years) will get a FREE BONUS GIFT.

The Genesis Debate DVD

  • Creation magazine: a FREE DVD of a debate with CMI’s Dr Carl Wieland debating the Australian Skeptic of the Year, paleontologist Dr Paul Willis.

  • Journal of Creation (TJ): BONUS EXTRA YEAR’S SUBSCRIPTION (renew for three, get four years).

These 3-year bonus offers will be automatically credited to all UK folk who renew/extend (for 3 years) till the end of 2006. Allow up to six weeks for delivery of the DVD.

Dear valued subscriber,

For over 20 years, these life-changing creation periodicals (with subscribers in over 100 countries) have been produced by our Australian ministry, previously called Answers in Genesis–Australia (AiG–Australia).

They were distributed on our behalf by AiG organizations, acting as our agents, in five other countries, including the USA.

However, following the time in March 2006 when we (and the former AiG offices in Canada, NZ and South Africa) rebranded to be Creation Ministries International, AiG in the USA precipitously dropped the distribution of our periodicals in favour of its new, American-focused Answers magazine.

(We have no problem with fair and open competition. However, for many months now, we have had no way of letting the tens of thousands of US subscribers know that we have not stopped making our magazine and journal available in the US, and no way of telling them where/how they can get them. Many have told us that they had gained the impression that it was not possible to keep getting them. By contrast, in the UK, we have been the ones that have mailed out the magazine and journal from here, so we are able to contact subscribers. Australia used to also prepare the UK newsletters, including ‘INFObytes’.)

Given AiG–UK’s close relationship to the US ministry, we perceived a clear conflict of interest in relation to the new magazine, which has been promoted in the UK as AiG’s flagship. After prayerful consideration, we decided to henceforth distribute our own periodicals in the UK.

We believe, especially given what happened in the USA, that this will be in the best interests of ensuring the continuing outreach of these life-changing publications in your part of the world. We have told AiG–UK that they were welcome to continue to act as an agent for our periodicals (though non-exclusive). This was apparently not acceptable to them.


David Catchpoole

If you have a current subscription that’s not expiring for a while, no need for any action; we’ll send a reminder closer to the time (though if you do extend now anyway, you will automatically be able to take advantage of our special three-year offers—see the box in this article).

If you’ve recently paid a mag renewal or sub through AiG–UK, it appears that we are not being notified by AiG–UK that you have done this.

So you will need to ‘re-renew’ directly with us (you have the right to claim a refund from AiG–UK). We did say we would pay AiG the normal commission rate if they sent us those renewal details (or any future subscriptions), but so far this has not been taken up.

Henceforth, for all renewals, gift subscriptions, or other contact regarding Creation magazine or Journal of Creation, please use this website you are on now—simply click here.

What if you want to renew or extend by mail? Either send a cheque and the relevant details (see the link for prices, which are unchanged) to our UK office, or wait till your renewal form arrives in the mail. The address of our new UK non-profit organisation is:

Creation Ministries International (UK/Europe) Ltd, 5 Percy St, Office 4, London, W1T 1DG

(For email contact, see the Contact Us section of this site)

Russell Grigg

Note that CMI–UK is currently not a fullscale ministry operation, but primarily a service to our UK/Europe subscribers. We have a functioning webstore, a necessity to permit web renewals/subscriptions for our periodicals. While some help with operating expenses is always appreciated from creation supporters, we are not at present soliciting donations to support any speaking staff.

CMI’s operations are totally separate from those of AiG.

Feel free to explore this site by checking out the thousands of items via the menu system on the home page.

We trust you will enjoy our regularly changing front page, with articles from our leading creationist authors and scientists such as Dr Carl Wieland, Dr Jonathan Sarfati, Dr Don Batten, Gary Bates, Dr Tas Walker, Dr John Hartnett, Dr David Catchpoole, Russell Grigg, and many more.