UK under water in Journal of Creation 27(1)

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At a time called ‘late Cretaceous’, geological maps show 80%–90% of the UK under water. But when we explore the details there are three pointers to the fact that the whole (100%) of the UK was under water. Furthermore, evidence based on river flows shows that this submergence was recent. Geologist Dr John Matthews sets out this remarkable research in the latest Journal of Creation 27(1).

Matthews notes that geology, as currently taught in schools, colleges and universities, knows nothing of (or at any rate does not mention) the Noachian Flood. Yet, the Bible records that the whole world was submerged under water recently (thousands, not millions, of years ago). And Matthews reveals the remarkable fact that the evidence in the rocks of the UK is consistent with this event.

According to Matthews, the problem is that text books and journals on geology universally reiterate uniformitarianism (the assumption that the present is the key to the past) as being a necessary and sufficient way of studying geology. Matthews says that this philosophy causes uniformitarian geologists to miss the evidence for the Flood, because uniformitarianism by definition sidelines biblical history.

Using the wealth of geological information readily available for the UK, Matthews shows how the geological evidence for inundation has been documented but its significance has been missed. Beginning with England’s highest peak, Sca Fell, in the Lake District, Matthews explains that, although the current consensus favours the notion that the volcanic rocks were deposited subaerially (i.e. exposed to the air), there are a number of lines of compelling evidence that show it actually took place under water.

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P.H. (abbreviated for privacy) of Australia started university this year and recently emailed this call for help:

“I am an impressionable first-year Natural Science student. Within my first lectures, Creation and Jesus have already been mocked. I want to do well without compromising my faith. So, I am wondering if Creation Ministries has any books that relate to surviving university in a Godly manner.”1

This confirms what statistics already show: that our universities are causing a crisis of faith for our young people. So, Journal of Creation is a great resource for students, to help protect against this onslaught. You may know of young people who are facing these challenges, and who would appreciate being given their own subscription.

Journal of Creation is packed with state-of-play creationist research, insightful articles, ideas, book reviews and evidence. The latest issue, 27(1), also includes:

  • How the 6,000 years since creation is enough to account for the helium-3 on the moon’s surface.
  • Michael Faraday believed that the New Testament gave a clear mandate for science.
  • Did Kiwis fly in the past and lose that ability, or were they created flightless?
  • Analysis of Haeckel’s triple-woodcut print indicates a deception even worse than previously thought.
  • Over 36,000 meteorites impacted Earth during the one-year Flood, mostly at the beginning.
  • Great book reviews:
    1. Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science by Michael Brooks.
    2. A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing by Laurence Krauss.
    3. Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview by Jerry Bergman.
  • And much more.

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Something to put in your Tertiary Education Survival Kit

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  • The biblical Flood and its record in geology.
  • Evidence for creation through intelligent design.
  • Problems for evolution that you won’t hear about through other means.
  • Fossils and how they don’t support evolutionary ideas.
  • Culture and how it’s understood through Babel.
  • Languages and how they are related.
  • The history and philosophy of science.
  • Bacteria and the effects of mutations on resistance and disease.
  • Radioactive dating and why it’s presented the way it is.
  • And lots more.

Journal of Creation is the in-depth companion to Creation magazine.

Michael W. of Australia writes:

Your articles are very relevant and very informative. While I have not specifically used any in any research paper I have used them in my own musings about evolution and among discussions with friends.

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Published: 11 April 2013


  1. We encouraged P.H. to connect with other Christians in one of the Christian groups on campus, and to seek support and advice from those who are further along in their courses. We also recommended ‘How do I do my assignment about evolution?’ and ‘Creating’ a stir at university. Return to text.