Unit Studies


I like units. Classrooms use them, but they seem specially designed for homeschools. And I like the easy way to plan or start units. You can start as easily as deciding on a topic and getting two books on it. Then as your family reads the books you all get ideas for projects to make or do. You see other related ideas to follow up or branch out from the first books, so you set some goals about what to learn or do next. You now and then think of a writing or reading assignment for certain children.

There is no need to study it all out ahead of time, to set goals, to decide what to learn and where to set boundaries, to write out assignments and projects that may or may not interest the children when you get there. Just start. When it seems time to start a new unit, the children could help choose a topic. A unit may last only for the two original books. That’s okay. Some units can be that short.

You can try a published unit to see what other people think of to do in a unit. But remember that the writers put in plenty of stuff so all families can find things they like. Your one family doesn’t need to do it all.

Children can do units individually. Just tell each to choose a topic, to read at least two books on it, and then to show the rest of you in some way what they learned. At first they may give simple oral reports, but later they add charts or other visuals. They may make a book or build a model. With more opportunities they get more creative with ways to share their learning.

Units are a great way to teach.


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