Using creation material to witness and minister to family
Dear AIG-

I just thought I'd let you know that in addition to the general armor that your web-site provides (giving me defense of the Bible's perfect God breathed word), your articles have provided yet another opportunity of witness.

I have used your site/materials for a long time, and found them personally helpful. But as "normal" life has evaded all of us here in the USA, I sense an even greater urging to get out in the (spiritual) battlefield.

Some of my friends and relatives are on their way to eternal destruction and don't seem to care. After I read your article (by Ken Ham and Dr. Sarfati) on terrorism, I decided that I would add it to my family web page. Right smack dab on the front. Where no one can miss it. I put Psalm 4 before it, and then an explaination/link to your full article and then Jesus's words in Matthew 7:6-9. I ended with "May God grant you the answers you are looking for." Please pray with me that this sparks spiritual revival in those who know Him, and a bending of the knee to the Creator for those who haven't yet laid their sins on the cross.

Thank you for your work.


Published: 2 February 2006