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A visit to a vitamin factory


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Published: 21 October 2014 (GMT+10)

I was privileged to be taken on a virtual tour of a new vitamin factory—one of a long series of identical micro-units, built to last for a period until productivity declines, only to be superseded by new units. These remarkable facilities are completely automated and operate without any human intervention or maintenance.

My tour started below ground. Within the foundations (which are flexible to withstand shifting ground conditions and wind loads above), there is a remarkable system of piping, connected to a sophisticated membrane which surrounds the factory. Through this, water is extracted from the surrounding ground, then pumped continuously to the main production level of the factory.

At roof level, flexible dual-purpose panels are extended. These panels use solar energy to power factory production and, in addition, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This in turn is used within the unit to make an intermediate-stage product which is further processed into the vitamins. Oxygen from the water molecules (a beneficial by-product of the process) is returned to the atmosphere.

So, highly complex and advanced chemical processes, powered by solar energy, are being employed to use nothing more than water and carbon dioxide (plus some trace chemicals extracted from the ground water), to produce vitamins. The vitamins are then enclosed in discrete pods, which are themselves entirely bio-degradeable. The vitamins produced are vital to human health and the pods are consumed by humans as part of their necessary vitamin intake. The complete pods are digestible, so the whole process is totally self-sufficient and ‘green’.

I was amazed at the intricacy and the flawless operation. The factory also contained self-repair mechanisms to ensure continuity of supply.

More complexity revealed

But the most astonishing facts about this factory plant were then revealed to me: apparently, not only does it operate automatically, it was built automatically, without anything other than highly advanced micro-coded plans. These plans were activated by simply being within the ground and adding water, and the building materials themselves were produced as part of the system. In addition, a complete copy of the plans in micro-code are included with every pod, as a means of finding new sites for further factories.

“Wow! This is amazing, staggering”, I said, “It is in the realms of science fiction! A self-perpetuating, self-sustaining, bio-degradeable factory—even the by-products are beneficial to man. Which genius designed all this?”

I was stunned by the reply of my guide. “Design?” he said, horrified, “Who said anything about design? No, the whole thing is just a purposeless accident! Nothing that sophisticated is designed, it just happened. It is purely fortuitous that the vitamins it produces are useful to humans.”

I couldn’t grasp this new piece of information. The factory was incredible—but this new revelation was frankly unbelievable. “But why then build the factory in the first place?” I asked.

“It has no purpose, other than to build more factories just like it,” said my guide. “That is what it is programmed to do.”

“But who wrote the program?” I asked.

I never did get a reply. My visit was immediately terminated.

Readers’ comments

Marion L.
Amazing article. I too was taken in until the 4th paragraph. It's so sad that people just can't see the obvious.

Keep up your wonderful work.
Darren T.
You are talking about plants right? Brilliant analogy!
Rob H.
Why wasn't this "parable" around when I was young! Quite the best argument for Creation that I have ever read.
My atheism would have dissolved and my life would have been totally different.
mary L.
wonderful. I teach children and it a wonderful way to get there attention, then surprise them into a discussion of the Creator.
Liam S.
I really thought this article was about a visit to a real vitamin factory! Now I realize you were describing the complexity of life, and how it is so wonderfully designed. What gets me is that some people actually believe the factory came to life from nothing, and has no purpose. Love the humor at the end. "I never did get a reply. My visit was immediately terminated."

Well anyways, great article Michael!
Rev Ian C.
Although I am somewhat used to people refusing to 'see' what is blatantly obvious in the general religious arena of Biblical study; it still amazes me that greater intellects than mine can be so blind. They will bury their heads in any kind of blind alley rather than admit there might be a different valid scientific view.
Scott J.
A genius analogy and yet 'scoffers' can't wrap their heads around it or see how it is similar.
Robert H.
Excellent. Best Anti-evolution article I've read since "Evolution Is Stupid" by John Verderame. If we can't convince them with evidence and reasoning, perhaps ridicule will do it.
Don Batten
Hmmm... I would class this article more in the class of reason than ridicule. Ridicule tends to play to 'the gallery' but rarely helps to change the minds of those who need that to happen.
Blake H.
I also have a 'vitamin factory' that built itself. It has peppers, brussel sprouts, tomatoes and other wonderful veggies that came from seeds I planted in my garden. I tried to save money from buying seeds by making my own. No luck as of yet. I have all the ingredients of each seed but when I mix them together to produce a seed I end up with a watery mush. I decided to leave the making of seeds to God.
Garret D.
Lol this is a funny metaphor. At first I was wondering why I hadn't heard of this technology yet.
Sandra D.
I am happy to see that the CMI readers are on an intelligence level above the average citizen.

I too, at first thought this was a real "tour" of a vitamin factory, but soon realized the allegory I was reading.

Thank you for the story, even though most people who don't believe in a Creator, still cannot see the similiarities between "creating" a vitamin factory by "accident" and creating the very complex human body and all of nature, by "accident".

The dumbing down of the world is completed.
Dave R.
Obviously the plant evolved organically, in line with the company’s Green policy and its aim to conserve Mother Earth, its purpose being to benefit mankind with eco-friendly herbal vitamins.
Diane A.
If it wasn't for the fact that this was written on CMI website, I would have screamed 'hoax' and deleted! What a relief to discover that the message was indeed, tongue in cheek. The absurdity of it all is clear and yet, mankind continues to believe this scenario to be possible - how sad.
Thank you for a simple yet profound truth! Keep up the good work.
Michael V.
I thought that the author was describing a tour of a real vitamin factory, until I read that the factory was built automatically. And I think that's the point: it does not make any sense for something so clearly designed (the cell) to create itself automatically. I'll share this with my atheistic friends when I'm speaking to them on this topic. Thank you, Michael, for writing this article!
Errol B.
In defense of the tour guide, he probably observed the factory produce itself… it’s just that he didn't observe it while it was happening. Or, he doesn't need evidence that it produced itself, he just knows it to be true!
On a side note, Lawrence Krauss thinks this sort of technology will be a reality in less than 20 years.
Love the sense of humour.
john P.
A clever article and a powerful point. It shows how the world is viewed by materialistic, humanistic evolutionists. Obviously the factory was designed and built for a purpose but like we find in sciences such as biology,etc, there are those who say there is no design, no purpose. As Peter says these are the scoffers who have come and who are really fools professing to be wise, fulfilling Bible prophecy- unfortunately on the wrong side of it.
The factory is a good analogy of how God designed our bodies, I reckon
Rodney L.
"The fool hath said in his heart, `There is no God"
Ps. 14:1
Fred C.
Brilliant article! At first I thought it was a real factory, the I thought, "Who is he kidding?" Then I realized the author is talking about the world, with all its complexity. Creation demands a Creator.
Julie M.
A very cleverly written piece with a great point.
D. C.
The tour guide should be sacked! (And who's paying him to spout the 'No Designer' lie, anyway?) Great article, loved it.

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