Working at CMI

Volunteer opportunities

God has given each of His children talents and gifts to further His kingdom. There are often opportunities to use your gifts in the work that God is doing at Creation Ministries International. Many (especially the semi-volunteer situations) suit those who are retired, semi-retired or similarly available.

Here are just a few examples of the ways that others have gotten involved:

If you live within reach of a CMI national HQ office:

Our offices often need assistance on an irregular (as the need arises), semi-regular or regular basis. Regular means coming in 1, 2, or 3 set days per week. You would be part of a team with a purpose, and also receive reimbursement for travel or other expenses incurred if desired.

Depending on your gifts and availability, this may involve packing, dispatch, mail opening or even administrative/accounting or library tasks.

Or even specialized computer/web or graphics projects.

It’s great to have the names of “irregular” local volunteers available, too, to be able to come and help when there is an exceptional workload. (See also below re researching/writing)

If you live in a CMI country, but away from the HQ:

Local (or church) contact person

It really helps us when sending a speaker into an area, or organizing a tour in a region, to have on file the name of a person/persons who is a keen supporter and willing to help with arrangements, book displays, etc. and possibly accommodation.

volunteers packing

Friends of CMI & Support Groups

In Australia and some parts of New Zealand and South Africa, we have official Friends of CMI (in Australia) and Support Groups (in New Zealand & South Africa), which are an extremely helpful part of outreach into the community. Their main roles are to help source local ministry and assist CMI speakers at ministry events, but many groups also engage in their own initiatives, such as conducting creation video screenings, doing bookstalls at music festivals and fetes, and so on. Many Friends of CMI and Support Groups meet monthly to discuss creation issues, pray for the ministry and receive training in ministry duties.

Friends of CMI and Support Groups are active in the following regions: In Australia – Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Dubbo, Canberra, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin, Central Coast, Cowra/Crookwell, Sunshine Coast and Perth. In South Africa – Cape Town & Johannesburg. In New Zealand – Auckland and Christchurch, as well as a number of less formal groups in various other centres.

Specialist knowledge (no matter where you live):

Those with specialist knowledge can get involved in refereeing articles for Journal of Creation, or researching and writing, or providing help with dealing with issues within their expertise.

If you would like to be involved as a volunteer or semi-volunteer with CMI, please contact us and provide as much information as possible.



Employment at CMI

Vacancies with any of the CMI offices are usually advertised via dedicated emails to people on our free INFObytes email newsletter list.
To be informed when positions become available you can sign up here

Published: 5 January 2006