Water on Mars?

December 6, 2000

Once again the media are claiming evidence has been found that water once existed on Mars, and raising hopes of finding clues about the origins of life in “outer space”. We have previously posted a response by the physicist Dr. D. Russell Humphreys to similar claims. Regarding the latest reported findings, Dr. Humphreys says,

Yes, I’ve checked out the NASA websites directly about [these claims]. The Mars Global Surveyor has photographed sedimentary rock layers on Mars which are just like the layers here on earth formed by the Genesis flood. It is the latest in a long series of spaceprobe evidence (accumulating since the 1970’s) for a global flood on Mars. Many creationist scientists, including myself, think the Genesis flood on earth was part of a catastrophe which affected the whole solar system.

For responses to claims that life may exist in outer space, see Q&A: Alien Life and Q&A: Origin of Life.

Published: 15 February 2006