Web access now available to Journal of Creation

Journal of Creation articles now available in pdf.

Recently a supporter, keen to have access to the in-depth articles from past issues of Journal of Creation, wrote to us. He asked, ‘Why wouldn’t you sell articles, online, in pdf format? This way anyone could access this wonderful database, like other journals (secular) on the web.’

He went on, ‘I hope I’m not pushing too much. I just want the scientific truth to be widely known … lies from evolution are so easily found on the Internet! I really thank you for all you do with Creation and Journal of Creation, and bless you in the name of Jesus.’

Good news: in the interests of making creationist research more widely available, Creation Ministries International plans to progressively publish past issues of Journal of Creation on the web. We intend to upload pdf files for individual articles for each issue. Selected articles will continue to be available in html format. We do not intend to charge for the articles, but to make them freely available.

Pdf files show articles in their original format, including the page layout and numbering. That will help researchers and writers to cite relevant papers in their work.

The pdf files will be searchable by internet search engines, such as Google. Thus you should be easily able to find the in-depth creationist information you are looking for.

By making the articles available, people will be better informed on issues that specifically affect their work. You can know about the animated and innovative discussions unfolding within creationist circles, as well as some of the leading research initiatives.

As the creation worldview becomes better understood, people will be able to apply creationist concepts within their specialized areas of research. This should give distinct insights that secular thinkers, constrained by the uniformitarian, long-age paradigm, will not see. See, for example, how spine expert Richard Porter finds the creationist perspective helps him in his work. Researchers, teachers, administrators, funding agencies, and parents will be able to readily access creationist information for those areas of research of interest to them.

Many Christians are involved in cutting edge research in academic establishments around the world. There is also tremendous institutional discrimination against creationist ideas in the form of censorship and misrepresentation (see Do creationists publish in notable refereed journals). Consequently, many eminent Christian researchers have unwittingly bought into the secular, long-age paradigm without thinking through how the biblical worldview applies to their research (see, for example, the experience of Albert Mills). We expect that making these articles available will help counter this misinformation.

We intend to advise when we finish uploading each back issue of Journal of Creation. If you want to be alerted you can sign up for email news.

You can find a full list of the contents of past issues of Journal of Creation here.

Currently pdfs are available for issues 10(2), 19(1), 19(2), 19(3), 20(1) and 20(2).

There is a scattering of articles available for other issues, as pdfs and/or html.

By the way, we have a long-term project to release DVDs of past issues of Journal of Creation. As a medium, DVDs are compact, and they can be searchable, and keep lots of past issues together.

As far as timing is concerned, pdfs of each journal will not be available until 12 months after publication, except for selected papers which will be available sooner.

If twelve-months is too long for you to wait, then why not subscribe to Journal of Creation and get the latest information as it comes off the press? In doing this not only will you have the latest when it is published, but you will be helping us to continue publishing the Journal of Creation.

Published: 9 August 2007