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Our Australian office is in need of a Web Developer / IT Assistant

Creation Ministries International (Australia) is looking for someone to join our IT team to work on web development, IT projects, and to provide support to our staff and customers. The position is based in our Brisbane office.

About the position

We expect you to be a competent web developer who can double as an IT person when needed.

Specific skills are listed below. However, you don’t need to satisfy all these requirements! We encourage you to apply if you feel confident in your ability to learn those skills you don’t yet have, while on the job.

Web Development

  • Frontend web development (we use Vue.js, Bootstrap, and TailwindCSS)
  • Backend web development (we use PHP, Node.js, PrestaShop, and Joomla)
  • Setting up and managing web servers (we use Ubuntu/Linux)
  • Databases (we use MySQL and SQLite)
  • Git version control
  • Command line tools (we primarily work with Linux)
  • Docker, Docker Compose and DevOps
  • Software architecture (e.g., Microservices, Service Orientated)
  • Software project management and methodologies

IT Management

  • Computer troubleshooting skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Knowledge of Windows and Windows Server
  • Microsoft Office
  • Routing and switching
  • SQL Databases


  • Will need to be in our office in Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane
  • Applicants must agree with our Statement of Faith

Other Qualities

The successful applicant will be expected to be:

  • Constantly learning – You enjoy and are constantly learning new web technologies and keep your eyes and ears open for ways to utilise IT and the web.
  • Patient – You understand that not everyone is as tech savvy as you and you’re willing to be patient as they figure things out.
  • Friendly and approachable – You enjoy helping others.
  • Knowledgeable – You have a lot of knowledge and experience with the web and IT.
  • Conscientious – You strive for excellence in what you do.

What to expect

This position is:

  • Exciting and challenging – You will work on many different projects and problems.
  • Supported by a skilled team – You won’t be alone; we have staff who are skilled in both web development and IT management who will be willing to lend a hand and tackle problems with you.
  • Great for expanding and improving your skills – This position will give you plenty of experience in a wide array of IT and web development areas.


  • The position is full-time permanent, pending the initial 3-month probationary period.
  • You will be required to work 38 hours per week plus reasonable additional hours.
  • Salary range is $42k – $48k, to be discussed on success of being short-listed.


To apply, please email us (include cover letter and resume) at au.hr@creation.com.

To request more information, email us at au.it.manager@creation.com or call us on 07 3340 9888 and ask to speak to our IT Manager regarding the Web Developer / IT Assistant position.