The New Heavens and Earth

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Thirteen Webinar Sessions - Now Concluded

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  • 23 April
    1. Why is there Death and Suffering?
    Many people, including Christians, ask why a loving God allows bad things to happen, like killer viruses. Genesis history explains why.
  • 7 May
    2. Creation: the Key to the Gospel
    Does Genesis really matter to the Bible’s big picture? The foundation of the Gospel is found in those first chapters of Scripture.
  • 21 May
    3. What are the Biblical Created Kinds?
    Species did not arise over millions of years by random chance plus natural selection. They were created separately. Here’s the proof.
  • 4 June
    4. Noah's Flood: What Does the Bible Say?
    The Bible’s account of the worldwide Flood of Noah is considered by many to be a fairy tale. What do the evidence and the Bible really say?
  • 18 June
    5. Racism: Only the Bible has the Answer
    What are the connections between evolutionary theory and the racism of the 19th and 20th centuries? Learn the biblical answer to racism by going back to Genesis!
  • 2 July
    6. Six Days … Really?
    Were Genesis 1 days really 24 hours? Is Genesis history or poetry? What does the rest of the Bible, and Jesus, say about Genesis? When did sin and death enter the world?
  • 16 July
    7. Dinosaurs: Amazing Evidence for Creation
    Dinosaurs are commonly associated with millions of years. But Noah’s flood was responsible for most of the dinosaur fossils that we find today, and there is good evidence that dinosaurs once lived alongside man.
  • 30 July
    8. Darwin or Design?
    Did all living things arise through an unguided evolutionary process or were they engineered by God? See how the evidence favors ingenious design.
  • 13 August
    9. Why Darwin Got it Wrong
    Modern science is challenging outdated 19th century ideas about origins. Darwin was a man of his times, but he simply did not know anything about modern science, including geology or genetics.
  • 27 August
    10. God's Biological Robots
    All living cells need machines that demonstrate nanotechnology way beyond anything that man can make. They also have the instruction manual for the machines, which can’t be read without machines.
  • 10 September
    11. Meet Your Ancestors: Adam and Eve
    All people on earth today descend from Adam and Eve. Thus, we need to be able to explain the origin of all people in the world starting with them. What would they have looked like? What genes must they have carried? How do the events of the Flood and the Tower of Babel come into play? All this, and more, will be explained.
  • 24 September
    12. Archaeology Confirms the Bible
    Were the Bible’s stories made up long after the fact, or do the accounts preserve eyewitness testimony? See how archaeology supports the Bible.
  • 8 October
    13. The New Heavens and Earth
    Will our future eternal home be only some sort of spiritual realm or a real physical existence?

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