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What if CMI is censored?


Published: 28 August 2018 (GMT+10)

It is big news at the moment that big tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are tightening up their efforts at censoring narratives they do not agree with under the guise of banning ‘fake news’. I have raised the alarm on this practice previously with Google, as well as with the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.


Most recently, headlines were made when the highly controversial political commentator Alex Jones was almost universally banned across all social media platforms for what was vaguely referred to as ‘hate speech’.1 In the wake of this, President Donald Trump has issued a statement via Twitter saying, in reference to this censorship, “… we won’t let that happen.”2 However, at this point in time it remains to be seen exactly what sort of action to protect free speech online is being planned by the American president.

It is important to note that this is not just a political issue. No matter what political convictions one holds, it should be concerning to see people being censored simply for holding unpopular opinions. In fact, CMI holds a very unpopular view—that the Bible is true in its statements that have scientific implications for the age of the earth and the history of life.

In light of these developments, many CMI supporters are asking if we have any plans for dealing with potential censorship of our social media content in the future. However, while we have not faced censorship yet, and we hope to be able to use the amazing tool of social media for some time to come, we are already well-prepared if we face censorship. Social media has only ever been just one of many ways we reach out to people with our information, and the primary resource will continue to be our website, creation.com. The very best way to make sure you stay connected with our ministry, regardless of what may happen on social media, is to subscribe to our Infobytes email newsletter and daily email. Once you’ve done this, make sure they are not going into your junk email folder, and you’re good to go!

We have no reason to expect that social media will censor us in the immediate future, but if you are primarily getting your creation information in your news feed, it might be a good idea to make sure a backup is going to your inbox, just in case. We can only pray that efforts to shut down non-politically correct views on social media will ultimately fail, as we do not control these platforms. Should censorship on social media worsen, we will be forced to consider possible alternative platforms.

In the meantime, are you using your reach on social media for all it’s worth? Sharing creation information on social media is one of the easiest ways to let your friends and family know about this life-changing information.

References and notes

  1. Durkin, E., Alex Jones claims he’s being silenced as bans push him to alternative platforms, theguardian.com, 11 August 2018. Return to text.
  2. ‘We won’t let that happen:’ Trump alleges social media censorship of conservatives, politico.com, 18 August 2018. Return to text.

Readers’ comments

Aiden B.
Shocking but no surprise, especially with the most recent revolting and outrageous hatred towards Christians as we observe like the rise of atheists, homosexuals, and the alike, giving Christians a hard time. But they need to get saved as well. I hope CMI if they do exclude such unpopular opinions, remain impactful in the future.
David B.
I read your articles at the site so they will need to take down the entire internet to stop me from reading my #2 faith builder in my life (behind the bible of course)

But have courage and faith friends. If the site is censored in the future, it has already happened in God's eyes on His timeline and He has already doled out consequences to the evildoers (those that suppress the truth, a high crime in the eyes of God). We are here to preach and teach until their ears are full. After that happens preaching to them is pointless anyway.

If they stop us with violence or malicious bytes then we go to the next outpost on the gates of hell that He has prepared for our messages. Be equipped and prepared to preach the word in season and out. Know that persecution is usually a good sign and not a bad one. As long as our mouths are filled with the truth He will bring the ears to fill
Kevin B.
I think a greater concern would be getting taken out of search engines as that is how I found this site and other creation sites
Paul Price
It is certainly a concern, and it's one I raised in this article on the topic of Google's searches. We unfortunately cannot control what Google does with their search algorithms, so if that ever does happen the only thing to do will be to look for alternative search engines.
Norman W.
I hope Creation.com might consider posting videos on Real.video's site. That, at least, is not yet censored and is primarily Christian and conservative.
Joy P.
I encourage CMI, as well as all readers here, to join socialcross. org They are "facebook" for Christians. It was started by a man who was censored from FB for his Christian beliefs. True, you won't meet many nonbelievers there, but Christians need CMI's message too. I started a group there I call The Evolution Fairy and I post CMI'
Philippus S.
There are more people that can run code then Google or Mark Zucjerberg, do not forget what happened to Bill Gates and Windows when they became dictators! There are more people that can set up severs to run the services, the internet does not belong to them and we have our vote to make sure we do not land in "Dictator" land.
Noah D.
CMI has been crucial to me converting from evolution once I became a Christian. Before that a near death-out of body experience was what drove me from atheist to theist.

I am surprised to find so much information that the public just does not get in the media about the general theory of evolution's flaws. I'm currently reading Evolution's Achilles Heels book after watching the DVD and many other DVD lectures from CMI.

My request for CMI: Please pray plentifully as the Lord can direct the most fruitful directions.
Paul Price
Will do! God bless.
Bill P.
You forgot to mention your RSS feed!
Thys K.
Love your work and what you all do.
May I suggest suggest CMI sets up an addittional BitChute account to mirror YouTube.
I intend to rid myself of as much Google as possible and woukd suggest the same for others.

God bless
Martin Y.
As another septuagenarian, I've seen how views have changed and the companies that control the internet have applied their own opinions in restricting speech on their platforms. The days of freedom on both the internet and in the market square are coming to an end and Christians will be a #1 target together with God's word.
Joe S.
Hope you have all your articles and papers backed up!
Henri D.
If it does happen, send your supporters the content, under the name of the author, and let us put it out for you, until they ban us all. And then we can set up fake accounts and put it out with that, if need be.
Annette S.
This is my great concern, too, as it was through Facebook that I discovered CMI in the first place, alongside many other good sites. Keep us all informed if you change to a new platform where we won't be censored.
Mark T.
If I share your teachings on social media and get too many negative comments will I be censored from receiving your teachings? I understand and accept the ridicule that the teachings of CMI will bring upon me for spreading the WORD to the people with 'accepted knowledge'.
Paul Price
Honestly I don't know how Facebook's internal algorithms work. I doubt that information is public knowledge, and it is always subject to change. My advice is to go directly to the source- creation.com, and make sure you're getting our email newsletter to stay updated. Then you can feel free to share on facebook to your heart's content.
Norman P.
Thank you for this timely warning. I am 77 years 'young', and can tell you I have seen many changes over just a few decades. The pace is now such that I think we must be spiritually prepared for the possibility of censorship. In the mercies of God, it is wonderful what has been achieved by CMI and other ministries in just a few short decades, but the signs of the times are such that this freedom we have long enjoyed is likely to be curtailed. Indeed, the Bible itself indicates what will soon happen. Meanwhile, I will by God's grace, happily continue to walk in the way of 'the seventh from Adam! (Gen 5:24)
Edie S.
I go directly to the CMI website, but I am concerned that the U tube videos will disappear. I watch several a day from you and other creation sources, are they going to be safe? Thank you again for building up my faith, making it a rock solid faith. Several years ago you helped me in my search for the truth of Genesis. You gave me logical answers to foundation questions and as importantly, the questions we have can be found if we search wearing biblical world view glasses. It took me awhile to figure out my world view had been changed without me knowing it and I was looking through wrong glasses, I struggled to make sense of bible in light of information given from a worldview science perspective, that wasn't logical, I was more confused. I now start with Bible, God's word and work from there. Thank you Emil and Jonathan in particular.
Paul Price
We're very glad to hear of the positive impact CMI has had for you! As of now there has been no indication of any censorship on YouTube, but we'll keep you informed. Make sure you're getting our emails.

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