Where Cain Got His Wife

Feedback 23 October 2000

From C.A. of the USA. For more answers to questions about the book of Genesis, see our Genesis Q&A. To find out where Cain got his wife see our answer, extracted from the The Creation Answers Book.

I just submitted a prayer request for my high school Sunday School class I am teaching at a United Methodist Church. I have been inactive at this church for 5 years and have been attending a Bible-believing church in the meantime. During this period, I have come into contact with your ministry and we support it with part of our tithe each month.

What I found very humorous (I HAVE to keep my sense of humor in this SS class!) is the types of questions these kids are asking: (you can guess this, I'm sure)

Yesterday (10/8) one of my girls asked where Cain got his wife. I was stunned. In all my years of teaching (I have been teaching for 30 years) I have not had one person ask this. Yet, I was very prepared with the answer BECAUSE OF YOUR MINISTRY!!! I have read the pamphlet with this title and poured over other various books, including The Answers Book. Even though I had no idea I would be using this material, the Lord surely knew and was preparing me all along.

My biggest problem is that I have had to reclaim so much of my own thinking for God because I grew up with evolution being taught as fact. I feel wholly inadequate to face the questions of my class, but depend totally on the Lord. As far as I'm concerned, the Lord is using your ministry materials in a big way right now with me. I give thanks and praise to Him for you. Thank you, Jesus, and Answers in me. I give thanks and praise to Him for you.

Published: 1 February 2006