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Creation 43(2):6, April 2021

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Answering the #1 question




There is no bigger question than the question of origins. Where did I come from? Was this world created or did it evolve?

It’s a question that affects every aspect of human existence. What is the point of living? What career should I choose? How should I treat others? Does my life have any significance?

Remarkably, in our culture today it seems only one answer is given—everything evolved over billions of years. It’s in the news. It’s instilled at school. It’s legislated by government. It’s taught at university. It’s presented in museums. And so on, ad infinitum. No wonder people think evolution is a fact.

Terry, who became a Christian in her middle years, said; “At first, I didn’t—and indeed I couldn’t—accept the Bible’s explanation for the origin of life and the universe. How could any sensible educated person believe the Genesis account to be true? Evolution and long ages seemed to me to completely and rationally explain our origins.”

She was in her fifth decade of life, but had never heard of any alternative to evolution.

A friend at church bought Terry a subscription to Creation magazine. As she read each issue, Terry experienced what she describes as an “amazing paradigm change”. She said, “The knowledge I gained, and the assurance this knowledge has given me in God the Creator, just can’t be valued.” She discovered that the Genesis account made sense of the world, after all.

Creation magazine gives you credible scientific answers to the big questions about creation, evolution, and the Bible. This includes questions from those who are skeptical, doubtful, and unsure; questions from people studying at school, college, and university; and questions from parents, uncles, and neighbours, who are reaching out to their children, relatives, and friends.

Creation magazine provides a balanced diet, covering all the issues. With time you will receive a well-rounded education. It is geared for the ordinary person who knows little about the Bible or science. And it’s easy and painless.

This issue provides a good example. It spotlights the remarkable way our moon creates Earth’s ocean tides (p. 36), so important for life on Earth. Children will also learn amazing facts about the moon in the Creation for Kids section (p. 32).

Our moon is an example of design on astronomical scale. Another is seen in the eye of a fossil trilobite (p. 40). Now extinct, the trilobite is usually considered to be ‘primitive’. However, the ingenious technology of its compound eye shows it is anything but.

Our earth teems with amazing animals and we focus on a different one each issue. This time it is whale sharks (p. 28), which grow to a great size. Whale sharks have many amazing features that display innovative design. To understand them we also need to appreciate the effects of the Fall and Flood on their behaviour and distribution.

There is much more to discover and enjoy in this issue—the fantastic phenomenon of folded rocks (p. 12), the incredible firewalking dinosaurs (p. 25), and interviews, including with a prominent scientist who believes in biblical creation (p. 22). And of course, Focus (p. 7) and Feedback (p. 4) give you short, easy-to-read items of interest and encouragement.

We hope you enjoy this issue. Even more, that you will learn a lot and be strengthened in your confidence in the truth of creation, God, and the Bible.

Posted on homepage: 1 February 2021

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