Why I believe in biblical Creation

and why it matters


written for Kreaticon 2019 (kreatikon.de), scheduled for publication in Schöpfung.info #7 (schöpfung.info
Published: 28 November 2019 (GMT+10)

Genesis: from awkward reading to fluent history


After coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ in 2004, I felt awkward every time I read the creation account in Genesis. It was in total conflict with everything I then ‘knew’ to be 100% scientific fact — that everything started billions of years ago in the Big Bang and that humans were descended from ape-like creatures. The confusion I felt was due to the fact that I could not identify from the Bible where the so-called myth ended and true history started.

In strong and genuine guidance from the Lord, I went to an Alpha Course in 2005, from where the Lord guided me to a local men’s Bible group. There I heard one pastor teaching very fluently from the Bible: he started with Adam and ended with the book of Revelation and the second coming of Christ, without a single glitch. Of course, at that time I thought that the pastor had no knowledge of True Science, but nevertheless I admired his childlike belief.

At the final meeting of the Alpha Course, I noticed that there was one seat empty next to me. And to my great surprise, the Lord guided the fluently-from-Adam-to-Revelation pastor to that very seat. So I started to ask questions. I have to admit that my intent might have been to show some academic know-how to that semi-ignorant theologian. Very soon my so-called scientific ‘knowledge’ melted like a snowball in the Sahara. Finally with the topic of radiometric dating methods, I realized how little I knew. Actually I hadn’t ever even heard about the issues this pastor so fluently described.

I wanted to know more and so I got a creationist book which provided the knowledge I yearned for so much. I remember reading the book every night and praying that the Lord would melt away everything from my mind that was not True. (With newly born daughter in the house the time for reading was pretty limited.)

Deleting deep time

So it became obvious to me that microbe-to-me evolution was total myth, but at first I still believed in the concept of deep time. This changed very soon after a friend lent me the book Refuting Compromise by Dr Jonathan Sarfati. What affected me the most was this brilliant Messianic Jew going through the Hebrew in the creation account and pointing out that there are no gaps and no ways to interpret the text as anything else but six consecutive normal 24-hour days. Since in Hebrew it easily could have been written in terms of long periods of time, but nevertheless was written specifically as six concrete normal days, then why not take the text as the writer so clearly intend us to do? As a software engineer, if I read a specification I tend to stick with it. And if I read a Divine Specification which indicates in the utmost clearest way that history started about 6,000 years ago in a 6 × 24-hour Creation Week, then the issue is settled and the case closed.

After that, I found out the multitude of evidences supporting the biblical age of a few thousand years of the Earth and Solar system. And this is exactly what one would expect if God really created everything as He so clearly states in Genesis! Furthermore, it is intriguing that many so called mysteries of science resolve themselves if viewed from this perspective.

Perils of theistic evolution

The greatest concern for me is Christians who think that God could’ve used evolution in ‘creating’ humans. I want to believe that most such people do this without considering the issue thoroughly. But nevertheless, it is a perilous thing. First of all, the term ‘creating through evolution’ is as (in)valid as ‘circular square’. Indeed, the Bible makes it very clear that death came after Adam and Eve sinned (Rom. 6:23). Period. Making God the architect of evolution makes Him a sadistic monster watching millions of years of bloodshed, sickness, raping, death and suffering — and then looking at EVERYTHING He made and declaring it all very good! (Gen. 1:31).

God created everything with the Word (logos = Jesus; Joh. 1:1). The Bible tells us that God created everything through Jesus and for Jesus (Col. 1:16). However, the logical conclusion from theistic evolution is that it was not Jesus but a process called evolution, and that the agent was not Our Saviour but Death. Jesus brings Life, not Death. Jesus rose from the grave and conquered Death. And in future, Jesus will complete His work by abolishing Death — the Last Enemy (1 Cor. 15:26).


Sadly, the eventual logical conclusion from theistic evolution is atheistic evolution, i.e. atheism. Why should we lead our children (or fellow Christians) to this slippery slope which could end up in total rejection of Christianity? I can but wonder at how opposite evolution is to the clear teaching of the Bible. Indeed, the only verse supporting evolution in Genesis is Gen. 3:1 “Did God really say…?”

Lastly, I am aware that there are many well-meaning Christians who wisely reject microbes-to-men evolution but who still think that deep time is not a problem. But alas, the first step on the slippery slope of unbelief is deep time. Even the most ardent evolutionist cannot imagine evolution without the concept of deep time. And this is why worldly ‘science’ will never tolerate the multitude of clear evidences we have for the biblical age of things. We should support and proudly promote the creationist research providing clear evidence confirming the Bible’s timetable of recent Creation and a global Flood.

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Readers’ comments

Jenny C.
Bravo! Thanks for sharing your wonderful testimony. Hopefully, many scientists who are Christians will look at the evidence supporting biblical creation and see the inconsistencies of "theistic evolution".
Miss Yvonne R.
Praise to GOD - what a wonderful SAVIOUR we know and who loves us unconditionally. The presence of the HOLY SPIRIT is all encompassing for Ari. His intrigue in seeing the many so called mysteries of science resolved when viewed from the perspective of Genesis is an experience he will always remember. Ari's experience is a blessing to all of us - sharing in our joy, standing with us by the truth of GOD as our CREATOR. and LORD
Neil O.
Thank you Ari Taaku. I Identity with your opening paragraph which expresses my own experience very well. In my case, the breakthrough came with the discovery of CMI and its wealth of information and evidence that the Bible could not only be trusted implicitly, but gives a far superior explanation for what is found in the ground in the skies and in living things, than all the defensive bluster of all the atheistic proselytisers put together. Credit CMI. Glory to God.
Anna N.
God created the world he put man into in six days, but not the chaos which existed beforehand, The world at that point was dark - plunged into darkness by Satan who had been the chief occupant of the mineral earth in the quantum dimension or the unseen world as we now it. The universe and the world was and is of unknown age.Most people believe that the world and solar system is what has been the real 'thing'. In fact we live in a giant hologram. The complexity of such happenings are very difficult to truly assess or making a linear history of its events.
Andrew Lamb
Dear Anna,

Some of the ideas you express are associated with the 'gap' theory, a theory which we think does not accord with Scripture. We have published several articles critiquing the gap theory, and these can be found under the heading "Gap Theory" in the Creation Compromises section of our Q&A Index.

We believe the physical world is real, not merely a hologram. We discuss the idea of living in a hologram/simulation in our feedback article Is the universe a simulation?

Andrew Lamb
Peter H.
What a great article! What marvellous evidence of the Lord's guidance! This is shown in the sentence including the words, "the Lord guided the ... pastor to that very seat." This story parallels my own to an extent, except that it took me a lot longer to recogize the truth. I first had doubts about the evolution story back in my last undergrad year at university (1964-65), but the Lord was extremely patient with me and led me gradually as I was ready, and finally the evolutionary 'wall' collapsed with the same information from Dr. Sarfati that Mr. Takku read about the "no gaps" in the first 3 verses of Genesis (I was ready for that since I had then been a language teacher for years and this was the greatest language lesson I ever received), and finally Dr. John Sanford's book, "Genetic Entropy" which 'killed' for me the idea of random mutations being a cornerstone of the evolutionary process. The Lord led me, but it took me a long time to 'get it'. How patient He has been. What a great God we have!
Seth K.
Wow! Ari! I'm very impressed and happy to see that somebody is translating Creation Magazine into Finnish. Could you please comment here and explain how you got this process going? I would love to see Creation Magazine translated into German and available for distribution in German Speaking countries. It is my second language, but alas, I'm not fluent enough to translate it myself. And even if I were I wouldn't know the first thing about creating a magazine exactly like you've done. It appears you've done an exceptionally professional job.

So, please share with us how we can contribute to doing this same thing for other languages. I may not have the know-how, but I would happily contribute any time or money to Creation Magazine in the German language, and I would even be propelled to mass-distribute them in Germany next time I move there.

I would love to see Creation Magazine republished in many different languages. Please, somebody at CMI help us make this a reality, God willing!
Andrew Lamb
Dear Seth,

There are two German-language creationist magazines that regularly include CMI articles: German translations of over a hundred CMI articles can be found at creation.com/german, and three CMI webstores have German language materials for sale: The following CMI videos have German subtitles: A Hungarian team led by Donát Ficsor of Örömhír Alapítvány (Good News Foundation), oromhiralapitvany.hu have undertaken to produce a Hungarian edition of Creation magazine. They have completed work on the first issue and started work on the second issue. Unfortunately they do not yet have sufficient funds to actually print the first issue. If you could assist them it would be a blessing to many people.

Sincerely in Christ

Andrew Lamb
Jean P.
It has sometimes surprised me that people who don't believe God created in 6 days, never seem to realise that when Jesus comes back He will not only give many millions new bodies ' in the twinkling of an eye' but will also restore tha earth to its rpe-Fall perfection. So may e the question to ask is, " WHY dont you want to believe He did it in 6 days?

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