With Christ—Dr Duane T. Gish (1921–2013)

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Dr Duane T. Gish

Biochemist and creationist pioneer

Dr Duane T. Gish went to be with his Creator at the age of 92. Truly one of the great pioneers of the modern creation movement, Dr Gish was renowned for his many debates on college campuses across the USA in particular. This was while he was with the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), in which he was a leading figure for many years alongside the late Dr Henry Morris.

Dr Gish’s speaking visits to Australia in the 1970s were a major factor in inspiring several of those who later went on to found the first creation groups in that country. Out of these later grew the network of ministries that are now called Creation Ministries International (CMI). He remained a staunch friend as well as an ally.

In 1988, Dr Gish took part in a landmark debate in Sydney with an arch-skeptic Australian geology professor. This was a further turning point in Australian creationism and was such a classic of reasoned argumentation versus ad hominem abuse from his opponent that it was the key feature in the 2008 CMI DVD Facing the Fire.

See ICR’s comprehensive tribute to Duane Gish: Remembering Dr. Duane T. Gish, Creation’s ‘Bulldog’.

Published: 6 March 2013