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The Creation Answers Book
by Various

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‘WoW! What a great ministry!’

WoW! What a great ministry! I have been a christain for more than 25 years and I have never heard anyone speak with so much authority about the creation of the world like Ken. I appreciate his thourough research and how he makes the information so easy to understand. I have always believed in creation, however I did not give it much thought. God has been pulling at my heart for the last few months about how we as christians need to understand how to effectivly witness to non-believers. Like Ken says, “Bible stories, Bible stories”. We need more! I understand that as christians we must have a well rounded education concerning God’s teaching. However, so many of us can not defend our faith.

I work for a company that designs and builds natural history exhibits. It pains me to know that we are helping to spread the farce of evolution when we really could be telling the truth to the world. I work with other christians and we have all been learning more and more about creation every week. People that used to run circles around me about evolution now know that I can defend my faith because it is the simple truth. They have no where to run.

I am so excited to start receiving Creation Magazine and I am so excited to start sharring this information with all my friends and family. I cannot describe in words how much I appreciate the information Ken gives.

Thank you for telling the truth and not being afraid to do so.

In Christ, Preston Dial

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