Yet another birdosaur claim?!

by , AiG–Australia

March 27, 2000

The latest in a long line of claims of dinosaur-to-bird links has been named Bambiraptor feinbergi. This unusually complete (95%) fossil, less than a metre long, was discovered in 1994 by 14-year-old Wes Linster in Glacier National Park in northern Montana, and is ‘dated’ at 75 million years old. It is claimed to be ‘the most convincing evolutionary link yet between dinosaurs and birds’ (ABC News science page).

However, this is a tacit admission that previous alleged links haven’t been terribly convincing. And creationists have good reasons to be suspicious because of the Archaeoraptor fiasco—see Archaeoraptor Hoax Update—National Geographic Recants!

Also, according to the article, ‘Feathers, however, have not yet been found’ yet this didn’t stop them illustrating the article with a feathered creature!

An obvious objection to this missing link claim is that it is about 75 million years younger than the true bird Archaeopteryx, its supposed descendant.

A proper assessment would need to wait for the original papers, rather than popular media reports. We would also be interested in assessments by evolutionists who reject the dino-to-bird theory, including Drs Alan Feduccia, Larry Martin and Storrs Olson.

Meanwhile, the general principles outlined in Archaeoraptor—Phony ‘feathered’ fossil apply also to this new claim. In particular, the articles hyperlinked in that article show why unique bird features including feathers and their special lungs are a huge obstacle against any evolutionary ideas, not just the fashionable dino-to-bird one.

Published: 11 February 2006