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Creation 13(1):50, December 1990

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Your skin

If you think your skin is just a wrapper to hold you together, you’re in for a surprise. That incredible organ is a masterpiece of design from top to bottom!

Each day your skin protects you from abrasion by forming millions of new cells to replace those that are washed or worn off. The cells grow so rapidly that your amazing skin is completely new every 27 days!

A piece of your skin about the size of a small coin and only three millimetres (1/8 inch) thick contains about 240 sweat glands, 35 oil-producing glands, two metres (seven feet) of blood vessels, 25 hair follicles, nine metres (30 feet) of nerves, and hundreds of nerve endings. All of these work together perfectly, doing their various duties continually.

To keep your body temperature within a safe range, God has given your skin about two million sweat glands! To make your fingertips more useful, your Creator has put thousands of sensory nerve endings there. Surely this all testifies that we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’!

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