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Highly-illustrated, comprehensive 33-lesson biblical worldview curriculum like no other.

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Equipping the next generation with truth

For students ages 11 and up

Rock Solid Bible Curriculum equips youth leaders and teachers to make ‘rock solid’ disciples of Jesus Christ. Guide students comprehensively through biblical history, from Creation to Eternity. Students will gain a deeper grasp of Scripture, increase their ability to defend it, and learn to apply it practically. This engaging curriculum is designed for Sunday schools, Christian schools, small groups, homeschools, or any other classroom setting.

Building biblical foundations

In 33 lessons, students will become familiar with the entire sweep of the Bible’s history, with special emphasis on foundational truths in Genesis. They will become equipped to answer common challenges to the Christian faith such as, “How can you trust a book written by men?”, “Didn’t humans evolve from apes?”, “Jesus never claimed to be God”, and many more!

Students will receive:

  • Rich, chronological teaching through the Bible
  • A deeper grasp of Scripture’s overarching narrative and major themes
  • Confident faith and training to answer skeptical objections
  • Interactive activities and engaging brain teasers
  • Short review segments for retaining important truths
  • Memory verses and memory tools
  • Fun ‘graphic organizer’ worksheets to fill out during each lesson—a take-home reminder emphasizing key points

Ready-made lessons for instructors

Rock Solid comes with the following resources for teachers:

  • Teacher’s Guide, with 33 scripted lesson plans
  • Visually stunning presentation slides (a 16×9 PowerPoint® presentation for each lesson—over 1,100 illustrations in total)
  • A student comprehension ‘graphic organizer’ worksheet for each lesson to be copied or printed, plus an answer key
  • Discussion questions that allow for more personal interaction and reflection after the main teaching time
  • ‘Go deeper’ hyperlinks to in-depth articles where instructors can gain a deeper understanding of the subjects covered

What the curriculum includes

Rock Solid Bible Curriculum is a boxed set that contains the following:

  • Teacher’s Guide with 33 scripted lesson plans and worksheet answer key
  • Activity Folder with activity sheets and 1 set of student comprehension tool worksheets (freely copy, print, or purchase additional worksheets )
  • USB drive with PowerPoint® presentation slides and worksheet PDF files

Have a look inside!

Download three Rock Solid sample lessons including:

  • Teacher’s Guide (lesson plans and worksheet answer keys)
  • PowerPoint® presentation slides
  • Student comprehension tool worksheets

33 lesson plans

  1. Guardians of truth
  2. Worldviews in conflict
  3. Where did the Bible come from?
  4. Can we trust the Bible?
  5. The everlasting Creator God
  6. The goodness of God
  7. Creation in six days
  8. The age of the earth
  9. Creatures after their kind
  10. Adam & Eve: image bearers
  11. Fossils defy evolution
  12. The Fall
  13. Why do bad things happen?
  14. Navigating Noah’s Flood
  15. Noah’s Flood: fact or fiction?
  16. Noah’s Flood: record in the rocks
  17. Babel dispersal
  18. One human family
  19. Promised seed
  20. Meet the patriarchs
  21. Out of Egypt
  22. God’s Law
  23. Promised land
  24. Divided kingdom
  25. Babylonian exile
  26. Foreign empires
  27. Arrival of the Saviour
  28. Sacrifice of the King
  29. He Arose
  30. Spread of the Gospel
  31. Letters to the church
  32. The return of Christ
  33. All things new

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Train your students in the way that they should go! Rock Solid Bible Curriculum may be used year after year, so a single purchase of the set allows you to teach this curriculum in perpetuity.

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