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Feedback for the week of March 21, 2005

A commendation for faithfulness

Members & Volunteers of Aig,

I am aware of the many letters of Praise you receive from the Individuals whose lives have been touched by your Ministry. I am simply one more of those individuals. But that is not the purpose of my letter. I have been to several of your conferences, Have most of the talks on dvd, and use your material daily,at work, at church and even at a PUBLIC SCHOOL where I sponsor a Christian Club “Club 3:15”

In doing that I have become increasingly aware of the attack that you are constantly under. At every event you’ve told stories of those who stand up and absolutely Blast you and your efforts. And sadly they are more often than not ... Christians who have compromised thier faith.

I just want to commend you for your faithfulness. I am grateful to God that he has given you endurance to keep moving foward with this message, despite the attacks of secular media and those aggressive individuals that confront you daily.

Not just anyone could keep moving foward in those circumstances. I find it extremely hard at times, and I’m only interacting with an incredibly small amount compared to the Ministry of Answers in Genesis.

Keep Doing what your doing. I Praise God for you, and Pray his Blessings over you.

Yours in Christ,
Robin Cartwright


Ken E. wrote: “I just wanted to drop a note to express my gratitude for the kind of information you supply at the CMI web-site. I love science and find it thrilling to see how it may be used to glorify God and build faith in Him.” Glorify God in His creation. Support this site

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