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Creation Magazine Volume 3 Issue 4 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 3, Issue 4

Creation magazine

Volume 3, Issue 4
Published November 1980
52 pages

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3 Editorial
4 Contributors
5 –9 How do animals become resistant to poisons?
10 –12 The technology of flight
by Dr Lesley Love
13 –15 Genetics and God's natural selection
16 –17 The African 'Ape-Men'
by C. Wieland
18 Nom
19 –20 Moon Quiz Winner
23 –24 Creation—English Literature
by G. Leo
25 Take a Second Look
26 Letters to the Editor
28 –37 Anti-God philosophies and science
by Dr Ian Scott
38 Quotable Quotes
Quotable Quote
39 –45 New Testament doctrines and the creation basis
by Rev. D. Swincer
46 –52 The First atmosphere—geological evidences and their implications
by Andrew Snelling

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