Creationist organizations in the United States of America

Organization Name Website State
4th Day Alliance (ID) CA
7 Wonders Museum of Mt. St. Helens (WA) WA
A Key Encounter (FL) FL
Access Research Network (CO) CO
Akron Fossils & Science Center (OH) OH
Alpha Omega Institute (CO) CO
American Portrait Films (OH) OH
Animal Alley Ministries (NY) NY
Answers In Genesis and The Creation Museum (KY) KY
Antelope Valley Creation Science Museum (CA) CA
Apologetics Press (AL) AL
Arizona Origin Science Association (AZ) AZ
Associates for Biblical Research (PA) PA
Bible and Science Ministries (WA) WA
Bible-Science Guy (Dr William T. Pelletier)
Bible Science Safari (OH) OH
Bibleland Studios (NY) NY
Bible-Science Association of San Fernando Valley (CA) CA
Biblical Discipleship Ministries (TX) TX
Biology Versus Evolution (CA) CA
Black Hills Creation Science Association (SD) SD
California Institute of Omniology (CA) CA
Canyon Ministries (AZ) AZ
Center for Origins Research and Education (OR) OR
Center for Scientific Creation (AZ) AZ
Center for Theology and Natural Resources (CA) CA
Christworks Ministries (VA) VA
Common Sense Science (GA) GA—Pointing to Christ (ID) ID
Counterbalance Foundation (WA) WA
Creation Adventures (Dr Steve Austin) PA
Creation Adventures Museum (FL) FL
Creation Apologetics (WA) WA
Creation Association of Puget Sound (WA) WA
Creation Astronomy|Spike Psarris
Creation Compass (OR) OR
Creation Concepts (IL) IL
Creation Connection (MO) MO
Creation Dinosaurs and the Flood (NC) NC
Creation Education Association (WI) WI
Creation Education Center (WI) WI
Creation Education Materials (TX) TX
Creation Education Ministries (OR) OR
Creation Education Resources (FL) FL
Creation Engineering Concepts (OR) OR
Creation Evidence Museum (TX) TX
Creation Evolution Headlines (CEH: David Coppedge)
Creation Family Ministries (NC) NC
Creation Illustrated Magazine (CA) CA
Creation Instructional Association (NE) NE
Creation Ministries International (GA) GA
Creation Moments, Inc. (MN) MN
Creation Museum of the Ozarks (MO) MO
Creation Research (TN) TN
Creation Research of the North Coast (CA) CA
Creation Research Science Educ. Fdn., Inc. (CRSEF) (OH) OH
Creation Research Society
Creation Resource Foundation (CA) CA
Creation Resource Library (KS) KS
Creation Revolution
Creation Safaris (CA) CA
Creation Science Alive CA
Creation Science Assoc. of Orange County (CA) CA
Creation Science Assoc. of Ventura County (CA) CA
Creation Science Association for Mid-America (MO) MO
Creation Science Association of Central Illinois (IL) IL
Creation Science Club of NJ NJ
Creation Science Defense (GA) GA
Creation Science Evangelism (FL) FL
Creation Science Fellowship Inc. (PA) PA
Creation Science Fellowship NM NM
Creation Science Ministries (MI) MI
Creation Science Ministries of Oregon (OR) OR
Creation Science Network (WA) WA
Creation Science Research Center (CA) CA
Creation Science Seminars (MN) MN
Creation Science Society of Milwaukee (WI) WI
Creation Social Science and Humanities (archived articles)
Creation Studies Institute (FL) FL
Creation Study Group of New Jersey (NJ) NJ
Creation Study Group (SC) SC
Creation Super Library (AZ) AZ
Creation Truth Foundation (OK) OK
Creation Worldview Ministries (FL) FL (IN) IN
Creationist Fellowship (PA) PA
Crying Rocks Ministry (AZ) AZ
Darwin is Dead (CA) CA
Dave's Creation Resources (IL) IL
Defending the Christian Faith (Dr John Leslie)
Design Science Association (OR) OR
Earth History Research Center (TX) TX
Earth Science Associates (TN) TN
East Tennesse Creation Science Association (TN) TN
Eden Communications/Films for Christ (AZ) AZ
Educational Research Analysts (TX) TX
Evolution Facts, Inc. (TN) TN
Evolution, a Fairytale for Grownups (Fred Williams)(CO) CO
Exploration Science Center NY
Faith and Reason Ministries (CA) CA
First Days Ministries (CT) CT
Fish Don't Walk (CA) CA
Foundations in Genesis Idaho (ID) ID
Genesis Proclaimed Association (VA) VA
Geoscience Research Institute (CA) CA
Greater Houston Creation Association (TX) TX
His Creation (CO) CO
In The Beginning (WI) WI
Indiana Creation Science Association (IN) IN
Institute for Creation Research (TX) TX
Institute for Neo-Creationism (VA) VA
Institute for Scientific & Biblical Research (PA) PA
Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center (CA) CA
Intelligent Design Network–New Mexico (NM) NM
Intelligent Design Network, Inc. (KS) KS
Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Center (TX) TX
International Society for Complexity Information and Design (NJ) NJ
Kanawha Creation Science Group (WV) WV
Logos Research Associates (CA) CA
Lutheran Science Institute (WI) WI
Masterpiece Creations (SD) SD
Master’s International School of Divinity (IN) IN
Media Angels (FL) FL
Metroplex Institute for Origins Science (TX) TX
Mid-Missouri Chapter of M.A.C. (MO) MO
Midwest Creation Fellowship (IL) IL
Missouri Association for Creation (MO) MO
Molecular History Research Center
Norm’s Place (IN) IN
Mr. Stephen Caesar (MA) MA
Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum (TX) TX
Northwest Creation Conference (OR) OR
Northwest Creation Network (WA) WA
Ohio Valley Creation Educ. Assoc. (OVCEA) (OH) OH
Origin Science Association (VA) VA
Origins Club at Penn State (PA) PA
Origins Resource Association (LA) LA
Points of Origins Ministries (Dr G. Charles Jackson) (TN) TN
Project Creation (TN) TN
Project Von Bora (WA) WA
Reasons for Faith Ministries (OR) OR
Return to God (WA) WA
Revealing Evidence of Creation (FL) FL
Revolution Against Evolution (MI) MI
Rick and Sidney (OR) OR
Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship (CO) CO
San Antonio Bible Based Science Association (SABBSA) (TX) TX
Science Against Evolution (CA) CA
Science Excellence for all Ohioans (OH) OH
Science Ministries, Inc. (VA) VA
Science Partners (FL) FL
Search for the Truth Ministries (MI) MI
Sioux Falls Creation Fellowship (SD) SD
South Bay Creation Science Association (CA) CA
Southern Minnesota Association for Creation (MN) MN
Southern Plains Creation Society (OK) OK
The ARK Foundation of Daytona (OH) OH
The Biblical and American Archaeologist (CA) CA
The Creation Research Society (MO) MO
The Insect Man (WV) WV
The Life Science Prize
The Monkey Trial
The Sourcebook Project (MD) MD
The True Origin Archive (TX) TX
The Young Earth Creation Club (OH) OH
Triangle Association for the Science of Creation (NC) NC
Tri-County Association for Creation (MO) MO
Truth and Science Ministries (MI) MI
Twin Cities Creation Science Association (MN) MN
Understand The Times (CA) CA
Van Andel Creation Research Center (AZ) AZ (IN) IN (OK) OK reaches millions of people each year–many of these aren't believers in our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. How will we keep reaching them without your support? Please consider a small gift today. Support this site

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