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Creation damage credibility March 28, 2015
Do compromising interpretations of Genesis help apologetics?

Miller Urey revisited oxidizing atmosphere March 15, 2015
New claims about this ‘classic’ origin-of-life experiment, but it remains inadequate—and evidence shows the earth always had an oxidizing atmosphere.

Sound arguments or special pleading March 14, 2015
How to respond when someone tries to define the rules of the debate on their terms.

Asexual March 8, 2015
A correspondent asks about how we view those who claim an asexual orientation.

Were stars created in creation week February 22, 2015
The grammar of Genesis 1 shows that stars were made on Day 4 of Creation Week, thus refuting soft gap theories.

Defending young earth not biblical February 21, 2015
Is it wrong to deduce from the Bible the concept of the earth being young?

Salar de Uyuni Bolivia February 14, 2015
How to understand its formation and the origin of the lithium deposits.

Did Adam and Eve have to eat before the Fall February 8, 2015
Answering questions about whether Adam and Eve needed to eat before the Fall and why the Bible mentions gold in the Garden of Eden.

Questions about Mormon theology February 7, 2015
Are Mormons right to claim their understanding of the Genesis account is an acceptable exegesis?

Are we made in Gods bodily likeness February 1, 2015
A reader suggests our physical form is like God’s spiritual form. Can Scripture help us decide if that understanding is correct?

Know thy enemy January 31, 2015
Even though CMI’s opponents often raise the same arguments to our questioning of evolution, it’s important to re-address such objections to show we have solid answers.

Maniitsoq crater Greenland January 27, 2015
When did the impact occur?

Is God obscure and arbitrary in what He wants from us? January 25, 2015
A skeptic overlooks the fact that God has made Himself known to us in various ways when he claims that He treats humans unfairly.

Maui Hawaiian island January 11, 2015
How can I understand the general evolutionary explanation for the shape and structure of the volcano?

Comet lander Philae January 4, 2015
But it does not help the origin-of-life problem; it’s still impossible.

Eden sanctuary January 3, 2015
A ‘sanctuary’ from a hostile outside world?

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