Working at CMI

Volunteer opportunities

God has given each of His children talents and gifts to further His kingdom. There are often opportunities to use your gifts in the work that God is doing at Creation Ministries International. Many (especially the semi-volunteer situations) suit those who are retired, semi-retired or similarly available.

Here are just a few examples of the ways that others have gotten involved:

If you live within reach of a CMI national HQ office:

Our offices often need assistance on an irregular (as the need arises), semi-regular or regular basis. Regular means coming in 1, 2, or 3 set days per week. You would be part of a team with a purpose, and modest remuneration means you get a little bit of help with expenses, e.g. to supplement a pension and as a token of the ministry’s appreciation (that’s why we use the word “semi-volunteer”).

Depending on your gifts and availability, this may involve packing, dispatch, mail opening or even administrative/accounting or library tasks.

Or even specialized computer/web or graphics projects.

It’s great to have the names of “irregular” local volunteers available, too, to be able to come and help when there is an exceptional workload. (See also below re researching/writing)

If you live in a CMI country, but away from the HQ:

Local (or church) contact person

It really helps us when sending a speaker into an area, or organizing a tour in a region, to have on file the name of a person/persons who is a keen supporter and willing to help with arrangements, book displays, etc. and possibly accommodation.

volunteers packing

Friends of CMI & Support Groups

In Australia and some parts of New Zealand and South Africa, we have official Friends of CMI (in Australia) and Support Groups (in New Zealand & South Africa), which are an extremely helpful part of outreach into the community. Their main roles are to help source local ministry and assist CMI speakers at ministry events, but many groups also engage in their own initiatives, such as conducting creation video screenings, doing bookstalls at music festivals and fetes, and so on. Many Friends of CMI and Support Groups meet monthly to discuss creation issues, pray for the ministry and receive training in ministry duties.

Friends of CMI and Support Groups are active in the following regions: In Australia – Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Dubbo, Canberra, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Geelong and Perth. In South Africa – Cape Town & Johannesburg. In New Zealand – Auckland and Christchurch, as well as a number of less formal groups in various other centres.

Specialist knowledge (no matter where you live):

Those with specialist knowledge can get involved in refereeing articles for Journal of Creation, or researching and writing, or providing help with dealing with issues within their expertise.

If you would like to be involved as a volunteer or semi-volunteer with CMI, please contact us and provide as much information as possible.



Employment at CMI

Vacancies with any of the CMI offices are usually advertised via dedicated emails to people on our free INFObytes email newsletter list.
To be informed when positions become available you can sign up here

Sign up for Infobytes and receive an audio presentation called Genesis and the Gospel Connection by CMI's Richard Fangrad's free for you to download!

Note: If your country already has an established CMI office you will receive the newsletter specific to your country. If not, you will receive our international INFObytes email newsletter.

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Submitting images


Thank you for your interest in submitting images for one of our publications or for our general collection.  Please select an option below:

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us.

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Inexpensive brochures now available for you to download and print. Use them for local outreach.

A great way to spread the news

Updated: 1 June 2011

Inexpensive leaflets are great for getting the message out to your community.

So you are looking for ways to outreach to your community and share the Gospel. You want to reach your friends.

Why not check out CMI’s colour brochures? There are twelve altogether.

They are colourful, easy to read, short, and proclaim the authority and message of the Bible. They deal with the foundational creation issue.

Now you can download them from this website as pdfs. You can then print small quantities for yourself on your printer. Please note that not all printed tracts are available for sale in all of our webstores.

For bulk quantities you can get a discount from the store.

Inexpensive leaflets are great for getting the message out to your community. There are lots of uses:

  • For church outreach activities
  • At a market stall
  • When on vacation
  • Post or place in mail boxes in your area (check your own country’s regulations first)
  • Enclose with your personal correspondence
  • Share some while shopping
  • Or simply give one to a friend.

Each one has an area where you can overprint with your own or your church’s contact details.

15 Questions for Evolutionists

15 Questions for Evolutionists.

This will encourage those who are skeptical of evolution as well as foster healthy questioning in those who have been hoodwinked into thinking it is ‘science’.

15 Questions
1 MB
15 Questions
6 MB
modern-day scientists

Some modern-day scientists who oppose evolution and ‘millions of years’.

One widespread myth in our culture is that no scientists believe in creation. Here are concrete examples of real scientists who believe in creation.

modern-day scientists
1.1 MB
modern-day scientists
2.5 MB
difference between Evolution and Natural Selection

Can you tell the difference between Evolution and Natural Selection?

Dispel the confusion out there—natural selection is not evolution. When people see why, they are open to new ideas.

difference between Evolution and Natural Selection
0.7 MB
difference between Evolution and Natural Selection
3.7 MB
Siccar Point

Siccar Point, Scotland.

Geological brochure especially relevant to UK residents and geology enthusiasts. Tourists are told that Siccar Point proves the Bible isn’t true but this brochure shows that it’s actually evidence for Noah’s Flood.

Siccar Point
1 MB
Siccar Point
7.8 MB
Two-tone Twins

Two-tone Twins.

If there was just one man and one woman at the beginning then where did all the ‘races’ come from, with their ‘different skin colours’?

Two-tone Twins
0.6 MB
Two-tone Twins
7.6 MB
3 Sisters

3 Sisters.

Features a spectacular tourist icon near Sydney, Australia. Presents powerful geological evidence for Noah’s Flood in a simple, graphic way, by showing folk what to look for.

3 Sisters
0.8 MB
3 Sisters
8.7 MB
Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway.

Famous tourist destination on the coast of Northern Ireland. Explains how it points to large-scale watery catastrophe and how it’s connected to Noah’s Flood.

Giant’s Causeway
0.7 MB
Giant’s Causeway
10.5 MB
Surtsey Surprises

Surtsey Surprises.

Young island already looks ‘millions of years old’. Its geology and biology show the skeptics are wrong.

Surtsey Surprises
1.2 MB
Surtsey Surprises
16.8 MB
One Way Journey

One Way Journey.

(not available in our South Africa, USA and UK stores but you can still download the PDF via the button below)

Understanding the meaning of death and how you can find hope.

One Way Journey
1.11 MB
What Darwin Couldn't Know

What Darwin Couldn’t Know.

(not available in our USA store but you can still download the PDF via the button below)

Darwin’s chance random processes could never produce the inconceivably large amount of information necessary for life to function.
(Please note that this tract may not be available for purchase in all countries.)

What Darwin Couldn't Know
0.7 MB
Gap Theory

The Gap Theory.

The ‘gap theory’ involves bad science, bad theology and bad exposition of the Hebrew words in Genesis 1, so why do some Christians still cling to it?

The Gap Theory
0.5 MB
The Gap Theory
1.9 MB
Glass House Mountains

Glass House Mountains.

(not available in our South Africa, Canada, USA and NZ stores but you can still download the PDF via the buttons below)

The Glass House Mountains, named by Captain Cook, dominate the Sunshine Coast hinterland, a spectacular tourist area north of Brisbane Australia. This attractive brochure shows how the volcanic plugs are dramatic evidence for Noah’s Flood.

Glass House Mountains
0.4 MB
Glass House Mountains
4.0 MB
8 Reasons why evolution is foolish

8 Reasons Why Evolution is Foolish.

8 reasons are presented that make evolution an impossible idea. These are taken from the cosmos, from geology of the planet Earth and from biology. The reasons are posed as the lack of any viable or reasonable answer to 8 questions.

8 Reasons why evolution is foolish
0.5 MB
8 Reasons why evolution is foolish
4.5 MB
Evolution or Biblical Creation: Does it matter?

Evolution or Biblical Creation: Does it matter?

This short tract explains why Christians should not compromise on what the Bible teaches about creation and the age of the earth.

Evolution or Biblical Creation: Does it matter?
0.4 MB
Evolution or Biblical Creation: Does it matter?
4.4 MB

One UK resident said, ‘Your Giants Causeway leaflet is being well received here.’

CMI’s range of full-colour tracts make great witnessing tools.

Download some and give them a try.

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